Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Cardi All Day

lululemon cardi all day

lululemon marl cardi-all-day

lululemon marl cardi all day
More photos of the Cardi All Day. I actually like it in the top photo.


Anonymous said...

I got seize the day jacket from last year and love it. So elegant, especially in beige color. I have s short torso and paired with a dress, CRB, or even a sweater, looks so chic. Reminds me of a leather motorcycle jacket, but stretchy, comfy, and breathable. I got a size up for loose effect and a tad longer length. Last year both colors ended up on sale in all sizes.
Not a bad WMTM for Canada- finally out of this world tee in biggie dot and that technical skirt are on sale, also fuel green fleece scarf is on sale. Had to get it all as I love skirts and loved the fuel green and biggie dot pattern. As for fleece vinyasas- can't believe that I love them much better than any other vinyasas for actual warmth and face protection ( in Edmonton!)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:16 pm - those fleece vinyasas were calling my name when they were in the US WMTM. I resisted, though, but they looked super comfy.

Anonymous said...

That's still me:)
You should've gotten one to go to your son's hockey or soccer games, when you always need to wear that warm fleece lined pullover:)