Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Australian Goodies - Swim Line and More

lululemon shanti surf short

lululemon paradise grid shanti surf short
New Shanti Surf shorts in Dream Waves Multi/solid Raspberry Glo Light and Paradise Grid/Black.

lululemon shanti hipster paradise grid

lululemon dream waves multi shanti hipster
Shanti Hispter in Black, Paradise Grid, and Dream Waves Multi Print.

lululemon triangle shanti paradise grid

lululemon raspberry glo light triangle top shanti

lululemon triangle top shanti dream waves multi
Shanti Triangle Top in Paradise Grid, Raspberry Glo Light, Dream Waves Multi, and Black.

lululemon shanti sports raspberry glo

lululemon paradise grid shanti surf sports top
Shanti Surf Sports Top in Raspberry Glo, Paradise Grid, and Black.

lululemon tracker ii chevron shuffle

lululemon spring break away chevron shuffle
Spring Break Away and Tracker II shorts in Fatigue Chevron Shuffle.

Run Times Short in Tiger Water Multi print.


carrie said...

OT: my husband wants some track pants for christmas that are "not too slippery, too warm, or too tight", for running and playing basketball in non-summer months - but in CA so not very cold. does anyone have any suggestions??? i am thinking lulu must have something good (my brain is kind of one track when it comes to workout clothes), but he couldn't care less about the brand, so other suggestions are welcome too.

thanks to you all in advance!

Anonymous said...

My hubby LOVES his Seawall Track pants, but he's very particular that they must be UNlined. The lining makes him too warm (even in our cold snowy winters). Granted, we're in WI; but he'll wear them in the summer if he needs pants for something.

His other love are the Kung Fu pants. I feel like they are heavier than Seawall since they are luon, but I know he likes them.

He also has a pair of North Face pants that he likes. They are like Seawall Track pants in material, but even lighter weight. I'll be darned if I can remember the name, though. :( But maybe a browse through a North Face section might be in order for you. G'luck!

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves his pants from Road Runner Sports. Plus, if you go on Road Runner through (free to join), you can get some cash back. I also go through ebates any time I order stuff from Banana Replublic, Nordstrom, Piperlime, etc. Road Runner has a wide variety of track pants for men. If he isn't particular, you may as well save $ on him so you have more Lulu bucks, lol!

Anonymous said...

Women with breasts need not apply.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:26 pm - too true! I wonder why they deleted the Shanti Cross Back top. At least that fit a little larger breasted woman. That triable top is insanely small.

carrie said...

thanks ladies for the mens track pants suggestions! i love the suggestion to get him generic kind so that i have more lulu $ for myself. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Australia is so lucky. girls with need not apply is right.


Gibbled said...

I got the shanti hipster in paradise grid with the triangle top. The shanti surf sports top - fit really funny - was not a fan. I'm usually a size 4, went up to 8 as per clerk's suggestion, too big. The 6 was perfect for me in the top and bottom. YES I am a B cup, this is not a swim suit for anything bigger than that - sadly. Glad I tried them on in store, rather than buying online. I like the bottoms as they have an adjustable waist band - nice touch for swim bottoms.