Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hot Cheeks Shorts, Herringbone All Sport Bra, and More

lululemon hot cheeks short

lululemon hot cheeks short gloves
lululemon fluffed up mittens

New Fluffed Up Mittens, Hot Cheeks Shorts, and Deep Cranberry Think Fast Pullover.

lululemon herringbone all sport bra

lululemon 105F singlet inkwell

lululemon herrinbone all sport bra tag
A close up of the new Herringbone print All Sport bra. Also shown in the middle photo is an Inkwell 105F Singlet. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the bra and tag photos.)

lululemon inkwell 105f singlet
New Inkwell 105F Singlet.

lululemon think fast fabric

lululemon think fast tag
The colors in the new Think Fast Pullover and the hang tag (thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

lululemon passion ii crop

lululemon deep cranberry passion ii crop thin-fast-pullover

Deep Cranberry Passion II crops and the Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover.

lululemon run accessories
All the new run accessories. I am liking the Cranberry Neck Warmer at the bottom. 

lululemon inkwell think fast pullover
The Inkwell Stripe and Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover.

lululemon think fast pullover bumble berry swiftly tank
lululemon think fast pullover speed tight
Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover and Speed Tights.

More Boom Juice/Cranberry Think Fast Pullover Photos.

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Anonymous said...

Really hoping for the Hot Cheeks Shorts tonight. Hopefully that will prevent me from getting the Think Fast Pullover. Love the Boom Juice/Deepest Cranberry stripe but not loving how it looks on everyone... Theres something about the bust area. It just looks unfinished. I don't live near a store for a try-on and have sent enough stuff back spending $5 here and there that I need to choose wisely. I don't love it in comparison to my other pullovers so I won't regret it.