Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hong Kong Head's Up - Holy Crap!

lululemon prisma multi pace setter skirt

lululemon prisma multi guava lava pace setter skirt
Funky new Prisma Multi Guava Lava (so that's where that color went) Boom Juice/Boom Juice Pace Setter Skirt.

lululemon prisma multi inkwell
There is an Inkwell/Black Prisma Multi Print, too. 

lululemon stained glass love hot cheeks short
Hot Cheeks Shorts in Stained Glass Love Nuetral Blush Print.

lululemon herringbone inspire crops

lululemon inspire crops
Herringbone Inspires. I can't tell if these are luon herringbone or printed luxtreme. 

lululemon boom juice think fast ls

lululemon think fast ls boom juice

lululemon herringbone think fast

lululemon think fast ls
Think Fast LS in Heathered Boom Juice and Herringbone.

lululemon cranberry wunder under crop
Deepest Cranberry Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon fluffed up scarf

lululemon fluffed up scarf

lululemon fluffed up mitten
Fluffed Up Scarf and Mittens in Stained Glass Love Nightfall print.

lululemon stained glass free to be bra

lululemon stained glass scbua

lululemon stained glass scuba
Scuba and Free to Be Bra in Stained Glass Love Nightfall print.

lululemon soul geo tracker ii
Tracker II shorts in Soul Geo print.

lululemon subtle serpent no limit tank
No Limit in Subtle Serpent Gusto Blue Print.

lululemon boom juice tracker ii shrot
Tracker IIs in Boom Juice/Prisma Multi Guava Lava.

lululemon straight up pant

lululemon straight up pant front
New pant called the Straight Up Pant. 


carrie said...

so what is the story with running in the herringbone/pique fabrics? the "educators" always say not to cause they are "not designed for that", but then they make run tights in these fabrics (these inspires, the turn around tights, the old runder unders, etc.)... is running in these fabrics okay, or do they pill like crazy?

Deezee007 said...

Ok, I am crossing my fingers for those herringbone inspires!! Inspires are my favorite running crops hands down.

They look like Luon to me which would be awesome. I HATE luxtreme with a passion. I bought the fatigue camo inspires in the luxtreme and the difference between those and my older ones are night and day. They feel like a sausage casing and the only reason that I kept them was the camo. Hoping that that these hit the US site tonight :)

Lindsey B said...

WHOAH! What a motherload of good stuff! I hope we get that lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, LuluAddict, you're killing me with these photos!! I love that pacesetter skirt so very much! There are far too many things that I'm wanting these days. I just can't have it all! I can't wait for the upload later on... but I have no idea what I'll have to narrow it down to.

Anonymous said...

The Soul Geo Tracker II shorts are in the Naples, FL store.

Anonymous said...

This is by no means a scientific study, but I have run in and washed my herringbone WUPs at least 3 times now and no pilling... yet. It's been a little cooler here so I thought I'd give running in WUPs a go, and I love them!

Unknown said...

The Straight Up Pant looks interesting and I know for a fact that my Lulu is getting them today because I stopped in after my spin class this am..also loving the herringbone run inspire..I wear run inspires for spin and love them just not sure about this fabric for indoor spinning (I'm assuming too hot?) Also liking the think fast LS in the herringbone ..better than the pullover I think!

Anonymous said...

OT - but someone over the weekend asked about sizing in the sweater the better. I just got mine today and for me it is a size down item. I'm a 6 in most tops/tanks - swiftlies, this year's exhalation pull over, crbs, etc. and bought the sweater in a 4. The sleeves are still about 2-3 inches longer than they need to be. I will be wearing this to work and not to and from working out so I will not need the thumbholes but even using the thumbholes the sleeves are really long! It is body skimming but not snug in a 4 on me and my stats are 5'4", 120 lbs, 32B. I am going to wear it tomorrow and see how I like it but am already considering getting it in the heathered black. I got it in heathered bordeaux drama. I wish it was solid bordeaux because to me the heathered aspect of it makes the yarns already seem a little bit faded. But overall definitely a good deal from lulu for $59.

LuluAddict said...

@ lulu - no way could you use herringbone inspires for spin class. They are way too hot. Unless they are printed luxtreme then they'd be ok.

Anonymous said...

Im guessing the inspires are luxtreme like the all sports bra. At least I hope so. I'm not a fan of running in luon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wish those tracker II's were available in the full print with red trim as well as the red with print trim...

Has anyone purchased the heathered slate/white inspires? Do they show sweat much? I've only ever had dark crops but i really like the weaved detailing on the ankle.

Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed that those new Straight Up pants have a diamond gusset… what do you think the chances are of THAT? I gave up on the Astros because they have been so poorly made the past couple of years. I was sorry to see that they're being retired, but since they have become pretty much unwearable, I'm hoping that Lulu comes up with a more comfortable replacement. Consistent sizing would just be icing on the cake.

Also hoping we get something in the fabulous Prisma Multi Guava Lava Boom Boom Juice print!

Anonymous said...

WHAT is that girl wearing around her neck?? It looks like someone took a pile of curtains and pasted on her shoulders. Completely ridiculous looking!!!

Anonymous said...

Big trouble is right, I was going to be responsible and kept preaching on here how I was done with Lulu! Dammit, my credit cards need some air!

Anonymous said...

What a boring upload on the US side!

Anonymous said...

I must say that none of those dizzying prints appeal to me. Looks like I will be able to save some money this holiday season.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to recall where I've seen these prints before, and then I remembered, Grandma's shower curtains.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed info Anon 2:06! (I was the one asking about the sweater the better sizing)

Anonymous said...

The guava lava prisma print looks very juvenile to me in the skirt. Not liking it at all.

When I first saw the herringbone inspire pics, I thought they were the heathered deep coal inspires that came out a couple months ago. Then I saw the detailed pic. I returned the deep coal inspires due to likelihood that major sweat will show. I think these will be similar.

Everything else is meh.

Anonymous said...

any idea what those pants are on the girl in the Fluffed up scarf?

Anonymous said...

Deepest Cranberry?! Please can we have this color on the NA side!!

Mal Mal said...

Booms juice skirt! 😍 They keep releasing new NLT!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I'm not loving any of these prints. The stained glass love is the nicest looking one to me but even then I'd only wear it in small pieces, bra, etc. And while I love inspires, I'm not crazy about them in herringbone. To me herringbone is fine in to and from tops and other items that you would tend to wear for casual wear like skinny wills and WUPs but not for actual working out in - it's just too menswear for me which should be kept in work attire not workout attire which should be fun.

And yes - that scarf looks ridiculous! Wow.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I'll tank the herringbone inspires anyday over the rocky road granite or whatever it's called (and much worse, ugly prints released in the past like the traffic stripes or jailhouse wear etc.) Workout wear does not have to be bright or printed loudly etc. for everyone for it to be fun. Some people like to carry classic all the way into their workout wear. Call it boring if you want but to each one's own. As long as the person is happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I must have those herringbone inspire crops. Does anyone know if this years herringbone runs small? These look a little tight on the model. I just don't want to order the wrong size the second they come up on the website. I know these will sell out in less than 5 minutes. Crossing my fingers for not another check out hell when these babies hit the website.

Anonymous said...

if the inspires are luon, they will be a pain to run in. Luon just doesn't stay put when running or spinning. the pace setter is really cute in my opinion, so is the stained glass pattern I wonder if the US is getting any of these items.


Anonymous said...

Is this pace setter coming to the USA? (Funky new Prisma Multi Guava Lava Boom Juice/Boom Juice Pace Setter Skirt.)