Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giant Herringbone Print Run Times Shorts and More

lululemon run times short giant herringbone

lululemon run times short herringbone
Love these photos - love when lululemon goes outside the yoga/run/crossfit box for photo shoots. Giant Herringbone Run Times Shorts and an Inkwell Seamlessly Covered Tank.

lululemon yogi crew sweater

lululemon yogi crew sweater parfait

lululemon-yogi-crew sweater parfait
Yogi Crew *Hearts Sweater in Parfait Pink.

lululemon bordeaux drama define jacket

lululemon define jacket

lululemon pique base runner pant
Mini Check Pique Base Runner Pant and Bordeaux Define.

lululemon menthol swiftly base runner pant
Mini Check Pique Base Runner Pant and Menthol Swiftly LS

lululemon shanti swim wear

lululemon paradise grid shanti swim

lululemon raspberry glo triangle shanti
More of the Australia Swim line.


carrie said...

more black friday intel: my store (sacramento) said that they will be having an "extra big" mark down section and also a bunch of "specially priced" items that will be arriving in boxes Wedns night and marked "do not open until black friday". I assume these are special edition items (maybe by "specially priced", they mean more expensive - ha!). but still very exciting that there will be something resembling a "sale". I imagine this is company wide and not just here. There was no mention of city skylines (although we are not a big city, so maybe that is an extra thing at the bigger city stores). oh, and she said they will have "holiday candle making" too... (entertaining arts and crafts for the SOs?)

Anonymous said...

keep teasing us with the australia line.


Anonymous said...

That pink sweater looks so warm and cozy. Definitely on my radar.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE MINI CHECK PIQUE BASE RUNNER PANT! MUST HAVE THOSE ASAP. I have to make sure to find a pair of sz2 since these run a little big