Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free to Be Wild Bra, Exquisite Trouser Crop, Pant, and Bra, and More

lululemon free to be wild bra

lululemon free to be wild bra

lululemon exquisite pant

lulu exquisite pant
Exquisite Pant.

lululemon exquisite trouser

lululemon exquisite bra trouser crop
Nightfall Exquisite Bra and Trouser Crop.

lululemon city tank garden party shine tight

lululemon garden party shine tight

lululemon party bomb jacket

lululemon party bomb jacket

lululemon party bomb jacket garden party

lululemon party bomb jacket bra


Anonymous said...

Why, why, why, did they put that pretty flower print only on the front??? I HATE when they do that!

C said...

Preaching to the choir, I know.. but I WISH we could have some Run: Turn Around long sleeves in some of these jewel tones.. even those cool blues in the Garden Party print would be a nice fresh option if it were in pique like the last set we saw. Would love an alberta lake one to be on offer too. I don't understand why this top wasn't entered into the annual winter fold. It's so practical and cosy. Mine is in its 4th year of weekly use and still going strong.

Anonymous said...

Same and same chosen to be modelled, as in floral and sequin throw up. It's a great angle to make the items even less desirable.

The exquisite bra is top 10 worst items ever.

siobhanbf said...

I'm getting nightfall trouser pant!

Anonymous said...

agree w/ all comments so far!!!! I really hate that look of pattern on one side of an item and nothing on the back..... other designers do this on street wear as well, i hate hate hate that!!!

Anonymous said...

I went into two of my local stores this weekend, one yesterday that had zero good deals and one today that had amazing deals! I picked up a race your pace 1/2 zip for $44, a home stretch crew for $49 and an out of this world long sleeve top for $49. I read many of the reviews about the race your pace and the itchy seams but I kept it on in the store for a while and didn't have any issues. It's soft and warm so I'm pleased to have paid less than I would have on Black Friday. The ed told me items had just been marked down again today so I feel like I hit the jackpot. The home stretch crew is super soft, cozy and warm. I could live in it. And the long sleeve top will be great for work and casual wear.

This store also had atman pants for $44, seek the heat crops for $34 and some 105F tanks for $19.

Anonymous said...

I would not even pay a marked down price for the Race Your Pace 1/2 zip. The rulu may be soft but it is the worst constructed top ever and glad I returned it. Never mind the arm seams, the half zip area chafes and is very uncomfortable.

It's simply another example of wear LLL is cutting corners on construction and quality. Most tops in prior years have an excellent finish on the interior.

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds great. I went to outlet in niagara falls today and it was mostly really old stock that is still high priced. Nothing like what u described above. I did pop into burlington store on Sunday and most items were online price or higher. Wasn't the greatest deals out there. I did order a couple jackets on line so I hope the don't discount them further. That will be frustrating.

Unknown said...

I don't HATE the RYP 1/2 zip and think the $44 price tag is appropriate. I kept mine and really regret it cuz it is the worst 1/2 zip I've ever purchased from Lulu. I agree it's a downgrade from what we've seen in previous years but would pay $44 for one if i didn't already own one.