Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cozy Car Coat, Think Fast Tank Hits the US, Black Friday Sneak, and More

lululemon cozy car coat

lululemon cozy car coat

lululemon cozy car coat

lululemon cozy car coat gray

lululemon ultra violet think fast ls
New colors in the Think Fast LS. I wish I liked the style of this better because the Ultra Violet one is really pretty. I was not a fan of the pleats on the front of the shoulder, otherwise I really liked this top.

lululemon think fast tank boom juice

lululemon think fast ls
The rulu Think Fast Tanks have finally hit US stores.

lululemon black friday hint
One of the Black Friday spoiler photos released. It's not exactly making me want to get my credit card out. The woman on the right looks like she is wearing a diaper cover.

lululemon city tank shine tight
lululemon golden goddess city tank

lululemon golden goddess print

lululemon city tank back

lululemon city tank back
More Golden Goddess Cashew print City Tanks. I think I wouldn't mind this print in a run crop, though I'd need to see it in person. Shown with Roll Down Shine Tights and the Boom Juice Urban Sanctuary Bag.

lululemon ultra violet city tank

lululemon ultra violet city tank back

lululemon city tank ultra violet
Ultra Violet City Tank. Shown with Silver Spoon Tri Geo print Wunder Under Pant in the first two photos.

lululemon mind body kit

lululemon mind body kit silver

lululemon mind body kit

mind-body-kit lululemon
The new Mind and Body kits.


Anonymous said...

Nothing I've seen here that makes me want to pull out my card either. Where are all the cute ruffle items??? LLA any idea if we will have this year?

Anonymous said...

Was just at my store, they've received 60 boxes in the past 2 days! I got the Rest Less Pullover for $84.00, it's the one featured in the Fluff Off Hat picture. The have heathered grey, ultra-violet and white. The ultra-violet and white are a swirly patter and the black is more geo-print. Thick and AWESOME!

LuluAddict said...

@anon 10:08 am - The Rest Less Pullover is that zig zaggy gray top in the fluff off hat pic? What is the material? Rulu?

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly that zig zaggy gray top! It's like a thick, brushed swiftly of sorts. 75% nylon, 22% poly & 3% spandex. I can send you a pic of mine and the tag if you like.

Anonymous said...

I saw the snake skin speed tights last night at the Union Square NYC store, and the material they are made of is quite thin and shiny. I really wanted to get a pair.
The mind and body kit is pretty nice in my opinion.
I am also glad that they are making tops with a high neckline. I hate cleavage at the gym or when I am doing any type of workout.


Lululover said...

Just called 2 of the stores that are close to me, none of them got weekend LS or Rest Less pullover! Hope they'll be on the upload, keeping my fingers crossed

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11 am - ooh! Thanks! Send to luluaddict@luluaddict.com.

Anonymous said...

those tanks w/ the skirt are the ugliest things i think i have ever seen in my life......... hideous!!!!

Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

I just came back from the store. I loved last week's Inkwell Runday tights so much I had to get the black ones while they were still in stock. They're perfect; high waisted (great for this mom of three), compressive and long enough to cover my muscular calves.

I came away with two Mind and Body kits. One for myself (the dark floral) and one for DD20 for Christmas (the pastel pink). I was done for her but these are just too fabulous. I love the way they open wide and flat at the bottom.

CL said...

I wanted to ask...what size is the car coat that the model is wearing?