Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest and Cool Racerback

lululemon fluffed up vest

lululemon boom juice crb
The first photos I've seen of the Fluffed Up Vest and Cool Racerback in Boom Juice. The CRB is shown with the Tri Geo Print Straight Up Pant.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if the Boom Juice color is an orangey red? It's hard to tell online if it's a pretty red or not so cute red!

Lululover said...

I just bought this vest, looks more hot pink to me

Anonymous said...

I just's more of a coral pink...IMO

Anonymous said...

Orded the black vest size 6 on line the minute it was downloaded on Tuesday. Received confirmation of order promptly after ordering. When I received my shipping confirmation Lulu said SORRY vest is not available. What the heck...It was still available online several hours after the download. Glad to see the stores are receiving them this week. Hoping I can get my size. Did this happen to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

boom juice is somewhat of a hot pink with a bit of vermillion in it. I got the speed shorts in that color and I can't take them off. The color really pops and is very cheery for the winter.