Monday, November 24, 2014

Australian Spoilers - Lotus Camo and Other New Prints Revealed

lululemon passion crop

lululemon speed short lotus camo

lululemon ready to roll short lotus camo

lululemon lotus camo slate

New Lotus Camo Remix Heathered Slate Multi/ Neutral Blush Passion Crop, Speed Short, and Ready to Roll Shorts. We saw this print spoiled a few weeks ago on Instagram.

lululemon slate passion crop

lululemon sequin snake skin passion crop
More colors in the Passion Crops - Heathered Slate and Sequin Snakeskin.

lululemon runday crop

lululemon runday crop
New colors in the Runday crops - Heathered Slate/Flash Lite and Arsenal Ambient Gray. I hope we get these tomorrow.

lululemon fatigue swiftly
This had better come to North America - Heathered Fatigue Swiftly. I'm pretty sure I am going to 'need' all three versions of this - tank, short sleeve, and long sleeve. I love this. This better show up tomorrow.

lululemon subtle serpeant inspire crops

Lululemon Subtle Serpent Inspire Crops.

lululemon golden goddess city tank

lululemon golden goddess wunder under

lululemon golden goddess wunder under
New Golden Goddess Cashew Multi Print in the City Tank and Wonder Unders. Wonder why the backside of the WUCs are black.

lululemon after asana tote jumbo dream rose

lululemon jumbo dream rose festival bag
New Jumbo Dream Rose Stripe print in the After Asana Tote and Festival Bag.

lululemon fatigue camo after asana
 Fatigue Camo After Asana Tote.

lululemon blush weekend warrior bag

lululemon mind body kid
Weekend Warrior Bag in Embossed Prisma Neutral Blush and Mind Body Kit Atomic Flower Silver Spoon. 

lululemon rise and shine boxer

lululemon rise and shine boxer bead
New Rise and Shine Boxer made of Swim Material. Shown in the Bead Envy print. 

lululemon run time confetti pop
Run Times Shorts in Confetti Pop Multi print.

lululemon flash lite sculpt tank
Sculpt Tank in Flash Lite.

lululemon all sport bra arsenal
All Sport Bra in Arsenal Ambient Gray.

lululemon ascent pant
New Ascent Pant.

lululemon dip dye om racerback
Dip Dye Black Om Racerback.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm the only one who likes the goddess print, but I'm hoping a style I like will come in it.

Those "boxers" though...

Deezee007 said...

I love the new lighter camo print! Any intel on whether or not this print will be offered in Inspires or WUC? The passion crops are too short for me.

MB. said...

The dip dye racerback looks amazing. And I need the toiletry kit.

To confirm, the upload is around 5-5:30 Pacific time tomorrow, correct?

Anonymous said...

Love the subtle camo print! The snakeskin print...not so much..

LuluAddict said...

@MB - upload is usually 4:15 pm pacific time.

Anonymous said...

I am getting increasingly frustrated about the fact that I seem to want so much of what Australia is getting and find myself interested in nothing on the US end. I don't get why they can't offer the same items worldwide or at least let us purchase from the other sites. I'd be willing to pay the postage and forgo free shipping to be able to buy things I love! I went into two different stores this week and walked out empty handed. Especially around the holidays, that's just criminal.

As always, LLA, thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome pics and intel LLA. I'm liking the heathered fatigue colour for certain and the goddess cashew multi print. I think the rise and shine boxer is a diaster.

@ 6:18 PM I agree with your first sentence and part of the second. (I have no desire to order from other countries' website and pay exorbitant shipping fees). I don't get why they can't offer NA these great items before releasing in OZ/NZ. They're a Canadian/NA brand so serve your NA customers. The NA offerings this year have been lacklustre to say the least and I don't think there is even any guarantee that we'll see these items or prints in NA.

At the end of the day, I don't really care, it's only (expensive) clothing which is such a FWP (first world problem). It's just that they really do know how to annoy their loyal NA customers. They continue to do it either on purpose or they really are clueless. Not having much faith in Laurent in this regard.

Anonymous said...

PS - I'm so over camo prints. So glad i returned the green camo CRB and the black run chase me crops from this year.

Anonymous said...

@6:18 Totally agree with you!! Same stuff should be offered worldwide.

Other brands are starting to offer "resort collections" including beachwear during the winter seasons as well, for peeps that travel. I love Australia's swim collection, and LLM could have offered them at a very limited volume in the states. I meet many Australians who travel to Japan and other parts to ski during december holidays, I'm sure some of them would love to get their hands on LLM winter collection now.

Anonymous said...

Completely with you Anon 6.18 above...I live in Aus and haven't bought anything from our uploads for ages...blah just nothing interests me, now if I could get my hands on the stuff on US/Canada sites *sigh* I know it's spring/summer here, but I live in Tasmania so we're still in jackets and pants...And yes I would pay postage!!
I saw the new boxer shorts today in no no!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with the comment above. The items from Australia are way cuter than US.

Anonymous said...

If postage is not a problem at all, why don't you guys just angeling stuff for each other then? Just saying though...

heather said...

drop me a line if you want to angel stuff!

Anonymous said...

I also agree that the online stores should offer all the items in NA as well as Europe and Australia. It's silly in my opinion. I would love some of the colors and patterns that Australia is getting.