Monday, November 10, 2014

Australian Heads Up - Exquisite Bra, Tank, and Pant; Find Your Zen Tank, Namaskar Crop, and More

lululemon exquisite bra front

lululemon exquisite bra back view
New Exquisite Bra. The Australian lululemon website shows this available to size 8.

lululemon exquisite tank

lululemon exquisite tank back

lululemon exquisite tank purple
New Exquisite Tank. This goes to a 12. Shown in black and Nightfall.

lululemon exquisite pant

lululemon exquisite pant detail
New Exquisite Pants.

lululemon all sport bra subtle serpent

lululemon brisk lime free to be

lululemon flow y subtle serpent

lululemon free to be subtle serpent
New bra colors/prints - Subtle Serpent All Sport, Brisk Lime Free to Be, Subtle Serpent Gust Blue Flow Y and Free to Be bra.

lululemon namaskar crop paradise grid

lululemon namaskar crop subtle serpent

New crop made of swift called the Namaskar crop. Shown in Paradise Grid and Subtle Serpent.

lululemon paradise grid cool racerback
Paradise Grid print Cool Racerback.

lululemon runbeam ls
New Runbeam LS pattern in navy and white called Yachtie Stripe. I hope this means the Runbeam is coming back to North America next summer.

lululemon find your zen tank

lululemon find your zen tank pipe dream
New Vitasea Tank called the Find Your Zen. Shown in Pipe Dream Blue.

lululemon roll down subtle serpent wunder under crop
Gusto Blue Subtle Serpent Print Roll Down Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon lightened up short sleeve paradise grid

lululemon lightened up short sleeve back
Paradise Grid print in the Lightened Up Short Sleeve.


Anonymous said...

All I can think of when I see the pattern on the waist of the Exquisite pants is Star Trek and Beam Me up Scotty.

Anonymous said...

Paradise Grid (all those applications look great): YES
Subtle Serpent Gust Blue FlowY: YES
Exquisite Bra: YES
Find Your Zen tank: YES

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't like any of the new stuff. I'm actually relieved more than disappointed to be honest, I could use a break from spending so much on Lulu.

Anonymous said...

new trousers in first photo?

Anonymous said...

I really like the serpent print, but the namaskar crops look like pajama pants.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I don't like any of the new stuff. I'm actually very happy about that more than disappointed as well, I can use the money from spending so much on Lulu for getting ready for some other nice Christmas shopping now. By the way, is there anybody else tired of this ordering and returning games due to inconsistance of Lulu's quality, or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Gusto Blue Subtle Serpent Print Roll Down Wunder Under Crops look so much like a crop I got from Old navy from last year. But I haven't worn it since I realized it's kinda of cheap looking after I lost my receipt. :(

Anonymous said...

Love it. New innovative and fun prints .

Anonymous said...

Paradise Grid - I am in love.
Please be in US stores soon.

Anonymous said...

Exquisite items...I don't think so, not any of them. Totally unappealing. The bra is a disaster. Why would anyone want some sort of cummerbund below the bra? Some designer's attempt to be stylish and cool but it's just not thought out at all, plain silly.

A bit of the blue snakeskin in a bra is OK. Everything else including the other patterns are *meh* or too junior looking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:04 PM - I completely agree, it isn't just you, the inconsistencies with quality/sizing issues have put me off ordering as much as I was. I'm definitely thinking more carefully about whether or not I actually really need something or really truly love it and if it's worth it or not a lot more these days than I used to, and most of the time now I end up passing on things I wouldn't have before. It's certainly helping that not much is appealing to me these days as well! Oh well, more money in my bank account is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, weird sizing. My friend bought a FTB in the stained glass design and it was1/2 inch smaller at the band compared to her previous FTBs. And it bunched up under the boobs too.

I bought a secret garden energy bra previously, and tried on 2 Size 6 bras, and they fit me different too.

Anonymous said...

Find Your Zen tank, this is shown worn by a fit girl and from the front makes her look pregnant.