Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Arsenal Ambient Speed Tights, Rust Berry Roll Downs, and More

I was never a fan of Menthol before but I really like the Menthol LS Swiftly in this photo (just ordered it). Shown with the Light and Bright vest and the new Arsenal Ambient Gray Speed tights. This photo is from a US lululemon store.

lululemon blush define rustberry

lululemon blush define

lululemon blush define

lululemon ultra violet swiftly
The Neutral Blush Define, Ultra Violet Swiftly LS, and Rust Berry Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. I really like the crops.

lululemon rich earth wunder under pants
The latest pant colors -  Rich Earth Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants, Denim Majestic Wunder Under crops, and Black Grape In the Flow Crops.

lululemon gray yogi crew

lululemon blush yogi crew

lululemon yogi crew sweater gray

lululemon yogi crew sweater
Yogi Crew Sweater photos.


Anonymous said...

It is 7:45 am on the east coast and I just ordered a vinyasa in the white mini check pique. I'm glad they are still available because I didn't have the time or energy to fight lulu's website last night. This will be my first vinyasa!

Anonymous said...

Do you think they will start the twice weekly uploads this week?

Anonymous said...

ha ha I thought today was Tuesday. I haven't even looked at what was uploaded last night. The mint green swiftly does look really nice.