Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fuel Green Cotton Wunder Under Crops, Radiant LS, and More

lululemon fuel green wunder under crop om-and-roam-pullover

lululemon fuel green wunder under crop om-and-roam-pullover

lululemon fuel green wunder under crop cotton
Photos of the Cotton Heathered Green Wunder Under Crops. Shown with the Om and Roam Pullover.

lululemon lined studio pants
You can't see anything different about these but they are lined Studio Pants. Lots of people in colder climates really like these. Shown with the Bumble Berry Swiftly tank.

lululemon radiant ls

lululemon radiant ls white

lululemon radiant ls white

lululemon radiant ls white
Photos of the new Radiant LS. It looks a lot like an Iconic Wrap but I hope the sleeves are larger since those run crazy tight. Shown in the top photo is a new quilted waistband in the Skinny Groove pants. Shown in the second and third photos are the Tech Mesh tights, Plush Petal Energy Bra, and a Bumble Berry Cool Racerback.

lululemon bordeaux rebel runner crop jumbo-inky-floral-speed-tight

lululemon jumbo inky floral speed tight

lululemon jumbo inky floral speed-tight rebel-runner-jacket
More photos of the Jumbo Inky Floral Speed Tights. Also shown in the top photo are the Bordeaux Inky Floral Rebel Runner crops.
lululemon flowing with my omies tote
Flowing with my Omies Tote and Straight to Class Pants.

lululemon sweat happens liner bags
Photos of the Sweat Happens Liner Bags. Has anyone bought these? What do you think?

lululemon rust berry cocoon car coat
Rust Berry/Bumble Berry Cocoon Car Coat

lululemon savasana softshell jacket

lululemon camp check softshell savasana

lululemon savasana softshell camp check

lululemon camp check softshell

lululemon camp check savasana softshell

lululemon camp check soft shell savasana
 More Camp Check Savasana Softshell II jacket photos.

lululemon rust berry ear warmer rebel runner vest
Love this cute outfit - Run with Me Ear Warmer and matching Rust Berry Swiftly LS, Rebel Runner Vest, and Pleat to Street Skirt.

lululemon rugged blue ebb and flow-racerback
Rugged Blue Ebb and Flow Racerback tank and matching Sashiko Pace Tight.


Anonymous said...

I ordered the Camp Check Savasana jacket and it's huge. I have a 36/38D chest, 5 foot 4 and I bought a size Medium. It was too big, too wide, too long. The sleeves were too long by 3 inches and contrary to some reviews, they were not tight in the least. I think this might look best on tall girls. Size down 2 sizes regardless of your height. When I returned it in the store today the SA said that they had been getting a lot of returns on it from ecommerce site from being too big.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for the fit report. I was wondering if this was geared toward taller women. I think the models are around 5"10" ish on the website and the jacket looked long on her.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the Radiant long sleeve was anything special. On me, it didn't seem to drape as well as the Iconic wrap. The fit seemed awkward to me and the chest was tight. I would probably size up but then the sleeves might be too long. I'm a size 2.

Anonymous said...

Hey LLA! Did you see the LLL app that was just uploaded to the app store? It's got a great interface but has a few bugs (as would be expected thus far), when I went to buy something I needed to enter my acct information but it wouldn't accept my password. It'll be interesting to see how it behaves during uploads.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the sweat happens liner bags and returned them. I liked the smallest bag which had a nice long zipper pull. The largest bag felt thin and cheap and only had a small regular zipper pull. The mesh bag was ok but didn't wow me. Overall I couldn't justify $42 for the three bags when I have plenty of shoe bags that came with my lulu bags and I've never even used those.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:32 pm - I did download the new app for my phone but didn't try buying anything on it. I never log in before I order anything. It always messes up on my desktop, too.

Anonymous said...

the speed tights are really nice. I am wondering if they are the slippery luxtreme. I love running in my speed tights I didn't see them at my local store. Anyone see these in person or try them on?


Chezhire71 said...

Just got my WUC in Heathered Fuel Green (Roll Down, Practice Cotton) and LOVE these! Already have them in Heathered Bordeaux Drama, and these are equally as wonderful re: fit + cut + fabric.
Plan to purchase these in every color released.

OT, but I LOVE the new OHIO distribution center, as it means I receive Tuesday's orders on FRIDAY!