Friday, September 26, 2014

Rebel Runner Crops, En Route Jacket, and More

lululemon rebel runner jacket

lululemon rebel runner crop

lululemon rebel runner crop

lululemon rebel runner crop waistband

rebel runner crop pocket

rebel runner crop zipper
Rebel Runner Jacket and the Black Grape (Swan?) Rebel Runner Crops.

lululemon en route jacket

lululemon en route jacket

lululemon en route jacket
En Route Jacket

lululemon rebel runner jacket

lululemon rebel runner jacket white

lululemon rebel runner jacket
Shown with Rust Berry Swiftly LS and Illumina Crop

lululemon rebel runner vest white
Show with the Mauvelous Race Your Pace Half Zip
Rebel Runner Vest and Jacket

lululemon rust berry swiftly ls

lululemon rust berry swiftly ls
Rust Berry Swiftly LS and Illumina Crop

lululemon petal camo inspire crops
I finally got a chance to visit the lululemon store yesterday. I bought myself the Embossed Petal Camo Inspire crops. Some people are saying these are sheer but I thought they were fine on me. I could see the white tag in a deep bend but other than that I thought they were ok. I usually rip out the tag in run pants since they bug me when I run. I think they are fine for running but maybe not for bendier sports. I really like the subtle embossed pattern on these. These are solid luxtreme and don't have any mesh in them.

lululemon vita racer tank review
I tried on the Vita Racer Tank yesterday. I hadn't paid attention to the product details so was surprised to find it had a shorter inner tank. I thought it fit TTS but I am reading people are sizing up so it fits more drapey. The place where the inner tank hit me on my stomach bugged me but I know a lot of people are liking this.

lululemon om tee

I tried on the Om Tank. The length and long slits up the sides reminded me of a maternity top. If you are expecting this is a great top for you. 

lululemon groove pant cuff tag
Tag for the cuffed Groove pants.


Anonymous said...

side note, SUPER psyched lulu is reverting back to their practice uploading unavailable items constantly on the WMTM w the BS story that these same exact items are returns. (really? one pair of size 2 skinny wills are being returned every day?)

k said...

Does the odd back of the new longer length vita tank serve the main purpose of showing the lulu symbol now that most are located there?
Honestly if the tank was a little more cute no shame in admitting I'd be on board with it....

Anonymous said...

The black grape color is really nice. I would love a pair of running crops in that shade. Haven't tried the rebel runners my local store at Union Square NYC did not have any 2,4 or size 6.


chingaling ling said...

When I tried on the camo petal print hop to it crops, I thought the embossing was too subtle. Are they more pronounced on the inspires? I still have yet to try on my speed tights that arrived last week.

Anonymous said...

What colour is the en route jacket?I am really liking this one best...:)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the arm length on these Rebel Runner jackets? The arms are always too long for me and with the zippers I dont think they can be hemmed. that really stinks because I really want one of these! Not sure who they model the arm lengths off of, no one has their arms dragging on the ground that I have seen!

J Crowl said...

what city is the orange peace sign in