Monday, September 15, 2014

Plush Petal Spring Forward Jacket and More

The Plush Petal Spring Forward Jacket and Pace Tights.

Mauvelous Race Your Pace Half Zip, Track to Reality Pant, and First Base Tank

Hop to It Crop and Run Away Tee


Anonymous said...

OT: what happened to WMTM? did i miss it? when does it go up these days? TIA!

Anonymous said...

sure wish lulu would do a NICE RED for a change like a deep cardinal red no pink to it a nice deep real red no blue/pink to it PLEASE LULU!!!! been waiting for such a red forever!!!! Current was close but i yearn for a more cardinal red a bit deeper even than current was. and not too orange like Love red, which i have and like too btw. Lulu hasn't done such a red color for many years actually!!!!! any how also would love some clothing done in that deep gold they have pictured done in a bag!!!! But i doubt they will since lulu always only does citrise yellows. O well one can wish right.

Anonymous said...

WMTM is on Thursday mornings now