Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shine Dot Forme Jacket, Sattva Pant, Track to Reality Pants, and More

Shine Dot Forme Jacket.

Sattva Pant in Heathered Marl Rustberry french terry.

More photos of the Wee Space Pace Tight

Shown with the Miss Misty Pullover

Shown with the Spring Fling Vest

Bumble Berry/Bordeaux Hyperstripe Race Your Pace Crop

All Sport and Inspire Crops also shown

Shown with Track to Reality Pant

The Race Your Pace LS

Heathered Black Race Your Pace LS and Track to Reality Pant

Sashico Cross Speed Short, Flow Y, and 105F Singlet Tank.


RunLikeTheWind said...

I bought the grey Race Your Pace pullover today, almost hating myself for paying the price on the tag, but YOU GUYS. It's amazingly buttery soft and snuggly, and I just couldn't take it off. I can see myself wearing it running, to yoga, EVERY DAY. It's crazy. Does anyone know if Rulu does a better job staying put with Luxtreme running pants than Luon or Swiftlys do? I'm going to be pretty mad if I just bought a shirt that will need tugged down every five seconds on a run.

janine57 said...

That's why I don't like that waist even with casual wearing always tugging it.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Black Shine Dot Forme Jacket, but don't see it on the Canadian site. I wonder if we'll get them or not? I'm thinking I'd really like one if we do, as I've now become a bit addicted to the new Forme Jackets and seem to feel a need to purchase whatever new colours catch my eye. I still have my fingers crossed for a Bumble Berry Forme!

Anonymous said...

Yes - rulu seems to stay put better than swiftlies in my opinion.

I like the shape of the race your pace long sleeve - but do not find the purple/yellow striped pattern appealing at all. That's something that will seem dated quickly. I much prefer the black coal colors. Or this would be beautiful in bordeaux or that new teal color.

geoffiegirl said...

Just a quick comment. Did anyone manage to register for SW 15? I did, but apparently it is all sold out!!!! That is insane, though I managed to register on my iPhone. On last night's upload....I ordered the Crazy Mum print Scuba, but was sad the Bumbleberry CRB wasn't uploaded! I guess I have to be on the hunt for it Sat when we go into town!

Anonymous said...

Those sashico speed shorts are growing on me. Every time I see them, I like them more....especially with that bumbleberry 105 F. Does anyone know if the trim is black? Or is it inkwell? In some pics it looks inkwell, which would be a deal sealer for me, If it's black, then I think I'll skip them.