Monday, September 8, 2014

NEW! Petal Camo Print Speed Tight, Reversible Go the Distance Shorts, and More

New embossed Petal Camo Speed Tights - love these! Shown with the striped Racer Your Pace LS in the top photos. The bottom photos show the Inkwell Sashico print Chilly Chill vest and the Tonka Stripe Rugged Blue Swiftly (I bought this swiftly last week - super soft and yummy).

New Reversible Go the Distance Shorts and sheer luon Run Away Tee.


Unknown said...

the petal speed tights!! MUST have!! This fall, lulu is hitting it out of the park it looks like. This is a very good start!

Anonymous said...

whats the price point in the sheer lion run away tee? i love it!

Anonymous said...

I love that Race Your Pace LS.

Those Go the Distance shorts are not flattering!

Embossed Petal Camo tights. Interesting, I just saw something similar in Marshalls in the brand called Koydon. They were really dark navy with the similar print.

Anonymous said...

The Stripe race your pace is seriously challenging. The lines accentuated the model's tummy, I don't need this kind of "help".