Monday, September 29, 2014

NEW! Laser Cut SE Wunder Under Crops, Straight to Class Pant, Seek the Heat Tank, Sweat-er Once a Day

lululemon seak the heat tank laser cut wunder-under-crops forme-jacket
The laser cut items have hit US lululemon stores. Shown above is the Seek the Heat tank that was uploaded last week and new Special Edition laser cut Wunder Under crops and the SE Laser Cut Forme jacket that were in Britt's picks. Also shown is a new Twisted Bliss toque.

lululemon sweater the better
Shown above are the Straight to Class Pant, a new sweater The Sweater the Better in Bordeaux, the Sweat-er Once a Day jacket in black and the Twisted Bliss toque. I really like the looks of both sweaters. Text for the Straight to Class pant said they are designed for people who liked the Gather and Crow who like a more open ankle/calf area.

lululemon black sweat-er once a day jacket
A black Sweat-er Once a Day jacket.

lululemon sweater fuel green in the flow crops
 The other new sweater and Fuel Green Ebb to Street Pants.

lululemon cool running toque straight to class pant
Cool Running Toque, Sweater the Better sweater, and Straight to Class Pant.

lululemon straight to class pant rust berry swiftly
Black Straight to Class Pants and the Rust Berry Swiftly LS.

lululemon shine dot wunder under pant
Shine Dot Wunder Under Pants and the Seek the Heat Tank.

lululemon seek the heat tank

lululemon laser cut wunder under crop
Seek the Heat Tank and Laser Cut SE Wunder Under Crops

lululemon twisted bliss toque cool running
New reflective Cool Running Toque and Twisted Bliss Toque made of Merino Wool.


Anonymous said...

When I look at the "Seek The Heat" bra online it's not the same bra as these pictures?!

LuluAddict said...

The Seek the Heat Tank comes with that funky strappy bra underneath, and you can remove the outer layer and just use the bra, but I don't think the bra has it's own name.

Anonymous said...

There is a seek the heat bra as well. The tank comes with a different bra built in

JRo68 said...

Hey all, looking for twisted bliss toque in the ghost color or black and mens el primo jacket in black size XL. Shot me a text if selling. Thx 412-377-2684