Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Foreign Site Heads Up

lululemon rust berry run for gold half zip

lululemon run for gold half zip

Hello, my Beauty!  New Rust Berry Run For Gold Half Zip. This better make it to North America. I'm definitely getting this.

lululemon breathe in tank

lululemon breathe in tank
Cute new Breathe In Tank. This reminds me of classic lululemon where they'd mix a few different colors and patterns in the same tank.

lululemon pace setter skirt yama check flaming tomato

lululemon flaming tomator yama check skirt
New Flaming Tomato/Bordeaux Yama Check Pace Setter Skirt.


purrfiktangil said...

OMG, LLA, I totally second your "Hello my Beauty" comment on the rust berry run for gold half zip. Hopefully we shall see it soon :)

Anonymous said...

That rust berry run for gold is very pretty. I really hope it makes it on the US side.

janine57 said...

I on the other hand am liking that skirt!

Anonymous said...

I tried on the new Fluffy Blanket jacket and have to say I was NOT impressed. The material used for the outer fabric feels cheap and sort of stiff or papery/crinkly. The armholes are tight. I wear a 10 in a Scuba and Forme. I tried this on in an 8 and while it fit fine everywhere in the body, the armholes were too tight. And there is absolutely no point to the thumbholes. The sleeves hung down to the middle of my hand as it was. Putting my thumb in the thumbhole gave me no extra coverage whatsover. And since there is no internal cuff, it's not as though you can really push the sleeve up to your wrist. This is an easy pass for me.

Anonymous said...

Want rust berry! Bring on berry!

Runninin2thesun said...

I'll take all 3 of these, please lululemon!?

Anonymous said...

that skirt will make me run all over Brooklyn and Manhattan this fall. The top is also awesome.