Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Foreign Site Heads Up

New Rebel Runner crops in Flat Inky Floral Embossed Bordeaux. Note the side entrance to the back pocket.

New Rebel Runner Jacket, made of Glyde and Rulu.

Race Your Pace Half Zip

Real Teal in the Flow Crops

The new tiny print is called Dottie Mum.

New Om and Roam Pullover

Tracker IIs in Ghost/Black Inky Floral print.

Plush Petal Wunder Under Pant


Anonymous said...

Help! can anyone identify the sneakers in the rebel runner crops photo?? I have been trying to find them for so long!

KStezzi said...

The Swiss site has Bordeaux drama skinny wills. Fingers crossed they come to the us