Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Foreign Site Heads Up - Laser Cut 105F Singlet, Almost Pear Rebel Runner Vest, Fleecy Keen II Jacket, Laser Cut Wunder Under Pant, and More

lululemon bordeaux 105F singlet

lululemon 105 laser cut singlet back

lululemon 105F singlet laser cut

New Laser Cut 105 Singlet.

lululemon yama check berry yum yum speeds
Speed Shorts in Yama Check Berry Yum Yum. I really like this plaid.

Lululemon roll down bumble berry wunder under crop

lululemon laser cut wunder under crop stock photo
It's interesting to see the website photo now that we've seen a bunch of real life photos of the laser cut Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon rad red swiftly tank
New swiftly colors - Rad Red.

lululemon fleecy keen ii jacket
The Fleecy Keen Jacket is back as the Fleecy Keen II.

lululemon almost pear rebel runner vest
New Rebel Runner Vest color in Almost Pear.

lululemon fuel green scuba
 Heathered Fuel Green Scuba

New color in the Bangbuster - Osaka Stripe Heathered Black Grape


Unknown said...

Hmm, the laser cut on the 105f is a fail.

The new plaid is gorgeous.

I'm really loving the laser cut wucs but I don't need another pair of crops right now.

MB. said...

Rad Red looks like Love Red.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I just checked the upload and saw the heathered green teal/inkwell scuba. LOVE!!! I didn't even know that was coming! I don't need another scuba, but that heathered green teal made my heart flutter when I first saw it. The heathered fuel green is just Eh for me. Doesn't go with my skin tone.

Anonymous said...

I NEED that Almost Pear vest...NEED!!!!!

Eric said...

Red red is from seawheeze 14

Unknown said...

The Fleecy Keen Jacket looks really comfy! Hope it comes in other colors too.. I just have way too many black jackets LOL

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the price of the Spring Forward jacket that came out in spring 2014? Was it $148? Did it go to WMTM? Thanks! Love your new look and tour blog! Thank you for all that you do....

Anonymous said...

the almost pear vest looks like something I can use for my runs in NYC. 105 tank is definitely a fail.


Anonymous said...

I like the Almost Pear colour and would buy a CRB if they made one.

As for the laser cut stuff: just has a tacky factor to it that I'll stay away from and don't get the appeal of. I mean, I don't need a lace tablecloth down my back, that's for sure. And when I wear a tight, I wear a tight (or crop) made of full material. I don't need or want actual see through nylons on my legs.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:06 pm - I hope the mesh trend goes away quickly. I mean, I like mesh inserts on the run bottoms and other bottoms for cooling purposed but I like it to be opaque.

@ ching - totally agree about the laser cut 105F. Laser cut stuff does not excite me.

Anonymous said...

i also love the teal scuba (on the upload) - do.not.need.