Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Base Tank is Back

Shown with the Track to Reality Pant

Shown with the Wee Space Pace Tights
I misidentified this tank as a Refresher Racer yesterday but it turns out it's a new First Base Tank. I know these are a favorite with a lot of people. I really like this Purple Fog and heathered gray version. These tanks are made of rulu. For people who love these, what temps do you use these in? I'd most likely use these for running. I was thinking maybe the upper 50 degree region?

Another cute First Base Tank. Shown with Sattva Pants.

Gray Stripe First Base with the embossed Flat Inky Floral Hop to It Crops.


purrfiktangil said...

For the First Base Tank, I totally only ever use them as layering pieces under an LS and the Bundle Up Jacket or under the Fluff Off pullover when its super cold out like 5 degrees to 30 degrees.

Also, I went by my store this afternoon and picked up the Hop To It crop in the embossed black floral and they had re-priced them all to 98$ which is insane yet I loved them so they came home with me anyways. Additionally, I had to size down to a 6 from my usual 8 in the embossed black floral ones, but the Bordeaux Drama/Bumble Berry ones were TTS in the 8. Not sure how any of the others fit as they only had those two color options in my store.

Anonymous said...

First Base tank: runner of many years, all four seasons here. I purchased this tank in the past and I love rulu but I returned it. For fall or winter running, for me it's overkill. I wear my CRBs as a base layer and then a rulu l/s or half zip. Then in winter, I have two Run Bundle Up jackets (this is still the best winter running jacket ever!) and sometimes I don't even need a base layer, just a l/s or my merino wool t-neck. I just came to the conclusion that the first base tank is never going to get chosen and/or I'm going to be too warm.

Anonymous said...

I love the first base, I am wearing one right now. I have 6 of them and plan on getting more, the new designs are better than the previous ones. the rulu material is amazing, I prefer them to the CRB.


Anonymous said...

I have two older First Base tanks but I never reach for them because they have the longer duck bill hem in the back that is just too long for my liking. It is so long it ends up curling up and looks terrible. I wear my black one under sweaters in the winter as a base layer. But when I did wear them to cardio classes I did not find them to be too warm because the rulu is very thin and breathable. I definitely like the new design where the hem is not as pronounced.