Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dottie Mum Pleat to Street Skirt and More

Dottie Mum Pleat to Street and Heathered Deep Coal Power Up Tank.

Purple Fog and Ghost Inky Floral Miss Misty Pullover. The Purple Fog is shown with Heathered Deep Coal Inspires and the Inky Floral with Wee Stripe Pace Tights.

Purple Fog Miss Misty and Wee Stripe Pace Tight

Rain Runner jackets and Pace Tights.

Power Up Tank


Anonymous said...

Has anyone bought the Power Up Tank II? Or tried it on? I have the original Power Up Tank from two or three years ago. I had to size up because it was made quite snug - but it was also made of Luxtreme and Silverescent Luon. This new one is made of Luon. Wondering do I order my true to size 6 or size up to an 8 like I did last time? Any help appreciated - I don't live near a store.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the fit of the power up tank? It looks like a tank that gives shoulder muffin top in some pics but I'm really loving the Bordeaux drama. Also would it work for someone with a small A/B chest?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried on the new inkwell inspires? Do they have the fullux back panel and are they sheer? TIA!

Anonymous said...

I love the two time a yogi bag. I purchased the wool one, but am hesitant to take the tags off. Does anyone have a review on the durability of the handles? Do they crack or break?
Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I would size up. I'm a 4 or 6 in all tops (typically a 4 except for long sleeved tops/jacket). I bought it in a 6.

It does not give me a shoulder muffin top. In fact, it's extremely flattering on my back and shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Ugh waiting til Tuesday for the upload is a bit of torture!!! It's better then missing sleep though! I think everyone is happy about that one!

I purchased the inky floral vinyasa! I'm so on the fence about it!! Anyone purchase it and love it????

Love my rebel run crops!!! They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the power up tank? It looks great for CrossFit but no reviews online yet!

Chezhire71 said...

Hi all!
Anyone know what top/Colorway is under that Purple Fog Miss Misty?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on how Miss Misty compares to the Downtime Jacket? I've got a Downtime that I love, and reach for a lot. I'm interested in the Miss Misty, but know if it's too similar to my Downtime in terms of weight & construction, it's not worth my dollars right now.

Unknown said...

Hi Tia,
The top under the Miss Misty Purple Fog is the Race Your Pace Long Sleeve in the triplet twin stripe berry yum yum heathered slate..It's made out of rulu and really great..I bought it at my local lulu :)