Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Citta Leotard and Pant, Brisky Biker Jacket, and More

I know a couple of people have been waiting for photos of the Citta Leotard and Pant. A couple popped up today.

Brisky Biker Jacket and black Departure Pant

The Breath In Tank

lululemon tracker ii rust berry short
I think these are Rust Berry Tracker II Shorts with Yama Check trim.

lululemon purple fog wunder under yoga racer tank
Pine Stripe Yogi Racerback and Purple Fog Wunder Under Crop

lululemon bordeaux skinny will pant

lululemon fuel green om and roam tight untight
More of the Layered LS. Shown with Bordeaux Skinny Will Pants and Fuel Green Om and Roam tights.

lululemon plush petal pace setter skirt
Plush Petal Pace Setter Skirt

lululemon petal camo speed tight
The Front Racer Tank is back. I think this is Rust Berry but not sure.

lululemon here to there dress

lululemon city skirt

lululemon petal camo good to go skirt &go
More & Go Items - the City Skirt in Plush Petal and Black. Also shown is the Good to Go skirt made of the softshell material. My sewist/seamstress friend tells me the problem with the Departure top is that it has a dropped shoulder and not a set-in sleeve. Dropped is cheaper to make. I don't know why the company gives the &Go a big media push since it all screams cheap-looking to me. Lululemon was building up great momentum for fall with the Sashiko and Inky Floral print items, great colors and textures, and the &Go capsule screeched it to a halt. It's a real turnoff to the brand. The company was getting back to it's roots -  gorgeous, highly designed, detailed, functional items like the Rain Runner or Bring Back the Track jacket and then it comes out with cheap-looking &Go designs that don't belong, functionally or aesthetically.


Anonymous said...

not a darn thing. what a snooze.

Unknown said...

I could not agree with your comments on the &Go line more! I was in my local Lulu last night and was just amazed at what could they possibly be thinking? I did try the departure tops for yucks and it's like putting a plastic bag of sorts..and after it's on for a few minutes you feel like your in a sauna..no breathability at all! Baffling to say the least.
On a side note..I was excited to try on the speed tight II in the petal camo embossed but they are completely sheer in the butt and the educator agreed even trying on her size..I'm thinking these will be recalled if they haven't already been pulled from stores. Oddly enough the Inspire crop II in the same print are absolutely perfect ..no sheer issue!

Anonymous said...

phantom upload: i just saw it briefly on my phone, but when i went back/refreshed it, it was back to last week's upload. anybody else have this experience?

LuluAddict said...

That happens a lot. One trick I use on my desktop is to pull up the new stuff for men and then scroll up for the womens. I'm not sure you can do that on a phone, though.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your comments LLA on the momentum LLL had going (coming back) and the dud that the &Go collection is.

I don't get it. They make these great items for Sea Wheeze and Wanderlust, and now back to &Go crap for the regular/mass retail.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info about the phantom upload. and thanks for the photos of the leotard. notice that in most of them, the models have something on OVER the leotard. that definitely tells me something...!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that a pique half zip in the plaid speeds photos?? Or is that just something heathered I don't recognize?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it either. It looks like American Apparel stuff except its a lot more expensive.