Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Camp Check Scuba, Find Your Centre Wrap, and Om and Roam Pant

The new Bumble Berry Camp Check Scuba.

The Plush Petal Scuba

Endless Ankle Warmer

I think the first two photos are Run Times shorts but the bottom photo are Speed shorts.  Purple Fog/Mauvelous Gingham print Run Times shorts and Hyperstripe Energy bra. Also shown is a Swiftly Tank and Two Times a Yogi Bag in Purple Fog.

Lots of Find Your Centre Wrap Photos.

With a Muscle Hustle Tank

With the Awesoma Henley

Om and Roam Tight Untights photos.

The Pine Stripe Mojave/Inkwell Wunder Under Pants.

With a 105F Singlet and On Your Way bra

With the Stash It Tank
More Heathered Deep Coal Pace Tight photos.

Spring Fling Vest Photo


Anonymous said...

The color mauve does absolutely nothing for me!!! I don't understand it for a fall color.

Anonymous said...

What vinyasa is that pictured with the Henley??!!

Anonymous said...

Any fit reviewers for the Om & Roam untight tights? Would love to know! Thanks!

3crazykids said...

I'm trying to get over it but different colored energy bra straps just irk me for some reason. I'm not sure of it's the Type A weirdo in me that needs more consistency maybe or some other unexplained reason but I can't get into the mauve bra even though I like the color on me.

Anonymous said...

out of control: after ordering a bunch on tuesday, i just went back and ordered the Om & Roams, illumina crops in bordeaux, and refresher racer in that awesome triple stripe. i decided i didn't feel like making a trip to the store to try on, and since my orders are arriving in 2 days now (OH to VA), i can get everything together for one big un-shopping trip after i compare the illumina and bordeaux inspires, and after i decide the om & roams are too $$$. will post try-on review of om & roam.

Anonymous said...

the wrap is ill fitting on all the ladies. I also have a weird aversion to the energy bra with different colored straps, it almost feels like they are trying to use scraps of fabric to save $$.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:29am: Is that the new Cotton Heart Opener Scarf? The girl with purple bra needs at least one size up IMO. Looks hurtful.

Anonymous said...

I got the bumble berry power y. Love that color. Hi Pasadena Lulu girls. Love you! N

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:21
The girl in the purple bra looks fantastic - look at the front view - fits her perfect - that's how it looks when you have a back!
I'm going back online for the Om & Roam tights now before they sell out. Expensive week for me!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the mismatched straps either. Well, it has saved me a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I like the fall palette.
I do not like the hooded potato sack or the untights. Gross and gross.
After browsing from time to time for years, I finally bought a few items from Lole and I love them. The styles are not as trendy or as body conscious as Lulu, but the fabrics are lovely and I am happy to support a Canadian company. Also they had some good sale prices and Lulu has sucked all summer.

Anonymous said...

All 3 pictures of purple fog/mauvelous gingham print shorts are Run Times. That print didn't come in a Speed Short (yet).

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:06 am - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gal @ 1:43PM
Thanks for the information. I'v been always annoyed when my bras do that to me, and my PT told me she'll help me working on get rid of the back *fat*. It seems like now I should be proud instead but just need to change my trainer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a review how the om and roam tights fit? Do you run TTS or do we need to size down, are they cozy? Thanks!!!