Monday, September 8, 2014

Bordeaux Hop to It Crops, Sashico Cross Spring Fling Vest, Oh Hey Pullover, and More

Miss Misty Pullover, 105F Singlet, Hop to It Crop, and All Sport Bra
Also shown is the Spring Fling Vest

Hop to It Crops in Bordeaux/Bumble Berry and Embossed Inky Floral.

Bumble Berry Run for Gold Half Zip and Illumina Crop
With the Stash It Tank

Shown with the Find Your Centre Wrap and Plush Petal Spring Forward Jacket
Bordeaux Illumina Crops

Shown with the Rust Berry Rain Runner Jacket

Shown with a Black Rain Runner Jacket
Bordeaux/Bumble Berry Hyper Stripe Pace Tight and Rain Runner Jackets

More Pace Tights in Black and the new Wee Space color. Also shown is the Race Your Pace LS and Spring Fling Vest.

Also shown is the Track to Reality Pant and Yogini Rucksack

Shown with matching Boogie Shorts.
More photos of the striped Race Your Pace LS.

The Sashico cross Spring Fling Vest.

Shown underneath the vest is a Refresher Racer Tank Run First Base Tank.

Sashico Cross Speed Shorts.

Oh Hey Pullover. Shown with the Inky Floral Wunder Under Pants in the second photo.

Bumble Berry 105F Singlet, All Sport Bra, and Heathered Deep Coal Inspire crops.


Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe the grey striped tank might be a run: first base tank? Not a HUGE fan of the cut but it was in rulu which is the softest/best!

Anonymous said...

Other than the race your pace ls, nothing here appeals.

That spring fling vest looks awkward and not flattering, imo.

Patty said...

LLA - Just wanted to let you know that the gray striped tank is a Run First Base tank, not a RR - it was in an Atlanta store this past weekend. There was also a Run FB tank with wide stripes in gray and the new purple. Wanted to try on but ran out of time!

yogibabe said...

@ Anon 9:01 pm
I thought that gray striped tank looks a lot like the Run: First Base tank too. Don't mind the style and love the rulu. And come to think of it, the Refresher tank is somewhat a copy of First wonder it looks familiar and kept bugging me with deja vu!

Anonymous said...

9:01 I think you are correct. I love the run first base tanks.


Anonymous said...

The vest reminds me of football shoulder pads.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe those hop to it crops are $92!! They are really jacking up the prices lately with the $40 increase in here to there dress, $10 increase on roll down printed wu, etc... ugh...

Anonymous said...

Inky Floral Hop to it crops was see through....It looks so pretty.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:37 pm - Really? That is a bummer. They are so cute.