Thursday, September 25, 2014

Berry Yum Yum Wheezy Check Speed Shorts, Real Teal Wunder Unders, Rebel Runner Vest, and More

lululemon berry yum yum wheezy speed
New Berry Yum Yum Wheeze Check Speeds. Shown with the Bumble Berry Swiftly Tank.

lululemon real teal wunder under crop
Real Teal Wunder Unders. I really like this color in this lighting.

lululemon berry yum yum in the flow crop
Plush Petal No Limit Tank and Berry Yum Yum In the Flow Crops

lululemon rebel runner vest

lululemon rebel runner jacket vest

lululemon rebel runner sleeve

lululemon rebel runner jacket

lululemon pace tight
Shown with Pace Tights.

lululemon vest

Rebel Runner Vest and Jacket.

lululemon flip your dog ls toothpaste
The Toothpaste/ Gray Flip Your Dog LS

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