Monday, September 1, 2014

Australian Heads Up

New Tonka Stripe Bumble Berry Swiftly SS. I might need to get this. I love how saturated it is.

Solid Bumble Berry Cool Racerback - this will be mine!

New Hop To It run crops in Flat Inky Floral and Sashico prints. They go up to a size twelve but are on the short side with a 17" inseam. I love both prints, though.

Sheer luon Run Away Tee

Spring Fling Puffy Vest in Camo.

Wear your own bra Front and Centre tank made of Vitasea.

Angel Wing Studio Jacket.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the herringbone vinyasa's will be hitting the stores soon? I have been looking in Toronto and nothing yet

amazr said...

So is she wesring a bra with the Front and center? If so, what the heck bra could it possibly be that doesnt show?

Anonymous said...

Nothing appeals except the bumbleberry CRB. Saving myself for a rulu half zip and hopefully they'll be nice.

Front and Centre tank has wmtm written all over it if you ask me. Those little straps in the front look uncomfortable as well. Plus vitasea = pilling.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:06 PM, don't expect them to ever show up in stores is my estimation. I've looked too (Toronto). But maybe it'll happen like the solid bordeaux CRB - never expected it and there is was.