Friday, September 5, 2014

Almost Pear/Bordeaux/Purple Fog Striped Cool Racerback and More

The pretty Bordeaux/Purple Fog/Almost Pear/Heathered Coal striped CRB. I am obsessed with this cool racerback. Shown with Bumble Berry Boodie Shorts. The woman next to her has on Flat Inky Floral Wunder Under Pants, Yogi Racer Tank, and Almost Pear Power Y.

Almost Pear Power Y and Heathered Slate/Deep Coal Speed Shorts.

Heathered Blue Calm Power Y and Black Herringbone Wunder Under Pants.

Bumble Berry Yogini 5 Year LS and Flat Inky Floral Wunder Under Pant

Bumble Berry Cool Racerback. Also shown is the Gin Gin Gingham Mauvelous/Purple Fog and Sashico star print Run Times shorts.

Yogi Racer tank, Mauvelous Hyperstripe Energy bra and Herringbone WUPS.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to hate the flat inky floral WUPs but after trying them on, I really like them. My only concern is the price. I'm not sure I can stomach $102 + tax for these.

Unknown said...

@anonymous 10:37 am Totally agree..tried them on and thought that they were great but left them because I just could not justify the price increase..I'm confused and disappointed with what Lulu is thinking with this new pricing structure. Only time will tell if the masses will accept it, until them maybe they'll end up with a purple sticker or on wmtm :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick shot out to say I love these posts!

Miss the girls photo bombing in the dressing room. lol! :-)