Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Sea Wheeze Race Recap, Part 4: The Sunset Festival

2014 Sea Wheeze Race Recap, Part 4: The Sunset Festival

This year we made it to the Sunset Festival, held the afternoon of the race. We took the shuttle buses that left from the Convention Center. We skipped the yoga and left about 5:30-6:00 pm for the concert. There were hugely long lines for the three food tents when we got there and they only got much longer behind us. The choices for food were Canadian, Mexican, or Healthy (tiny jars of salad). Prices were not cheap. Our burritos, made with brown rice and organic this and that, were $12 each and nachos were $6. The burritos were meh but the guacamole with the nachos was delish. The food was cash only so there was another enormous line, at least 40 people long when we got there, for the ATM machine. 

My niece really wanted to try the trapeze but the line was too long.

Great sunset view of the city behind the stage.
We staked out a place on the hillside to eat our dinner and watch the concert.

Stilt entertainers for the crowd

There were various vendor booths set up, selling malas and other items. Lululemon had a table of Sunset Festival Scubas in Sunny Lime and Pipe Dream Blue. My sister picked up the Sunny Lime Scuba, which matched her Sea Wheeze swirly rainbow print shorts perfectly.

People think these were re-purposed Scubas that didn't sell but making special edition products out of leftover items by embroidering or screen printing them is not a bad idea at all. I really like the bicycle print CRB I bought.

View of the stage from up close.

The opening band, The Coulorist, performing.

Capital Cities performing

Laser light projections on the trees.
We stuck around long enough to hear Capital Cities perform their big hits and then we headed to the shuttle buses to beat the crowd. We were able to get on the first set of buses back and were back home before 10 pm. I heard that after Capital Cities performed they let people on the stage to dance to prerecorded music and some girl flashed the crowd Mardi Gras-style. My teenage nephew was a bit bummed he missed that part.

It was a fun concert and a mellow crowd in the area we were sitting in but I think next year we'll make sure to eat before we go.

Did you go? What did you think?

A "souvenir" pillow from the concert. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)


jcatawba said...

The food situation was terrible. The beer lines weren't much better. We had not eaten dinner bc we thougtht we would just eat there. The lines were too long and we had to leave early (before the big hits) bc we were starving. When we went to get on the return buses it was a free for all. Buses were pulling up at the end and everyone was jumping on them instead of the buses pulling up to the lines. Seriously I was so hungry and tired of standing in lines I wanted to throttle someone. Next year I will probably not go at all and just go have a nice dinner and drinks somewhere else.

AtlantaDebbie said...

I liked the concert and watching the entertainers, but next year, I will definitely eat before and I will bring my water bottle and order 8 glasses of wine and fill up my water bottle with them so I don't have to stand in that long line. (Not all 8 for me - I will share with my group!!)

Unknown said...

I got there right when they opened and decided to get food and drinks about 30min after we arrived there were no lines and the food was amazing! A lot of us doubled up on our drinks right before yoga ended to beat the lines after the concert got started we stayed a couple of songs and decided to walk back! The sunset festival was one of my favorite memories of the trip :)

Anonymous said...

It's really nice that you can have these experiences (running races/events) with your sister and niece. I only have one close friend who is a hardcore runner but we've only done a couple of races together. A family member recently took up running; maybe one day we'll run a race together.

Sure, recycling Scubas is a good idea. For me though, it’s not worth it just for some basic embossed writing on the back. I understand getting a special SW one that less people are going to have and isn’t about just a bit of writing on it. Otherwise it’s better to wait for LLL to release a “regular” Scuba, now that they’ve gone back to the old style and they do always seem to be putting out a nice one (especially in the past), e.g. even that recent dark grey/black leaf version is something I’d go for first.