Monday, August 18, 2014

Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt, Bordeaux Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants, Denim Skinny Grooves, and More

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS and Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt. Love the skirt. I'm assuming there will be shorts in this fabric.

New Blossom Stripe Refresher Racer tank (I sure hope this is NOT replacing the Cool Racerback) and Bordeaux Drama Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pant.

More photos of those patchwork denim/sashico print Wunder Under Pant.

Diamond Dot Skinny Will Pant.

Denim Skinny Groove Pants.

Roll Down Denim Wunder Under Pants

Denim bottoms. I'd suggest she try the next size up since they seem like pantyhose on her.

Sashico print, denim, and Floral Platoon WUP

Sashico Cross Wunder Unders.

More denim bottoms.


Anonymous said...

Wait, why did you make that comment about the Refresher tank replacing crbs? Did you hear that they were? Cringe.

LuluAddict said...

No, but the fact that I am seeing a Blossom Stripe print in the Refresher Racer tank and not a CRB is making me nervous. I wonder whether lululemon is testing the waters to see how the Refresher Racers sell. I'd like to start the conversation early on how bad the idea replacing the CRB would be if it is even a tiny thought bubble in someone's head.

Anonymous said...

The Australia LLL has the blossom stripe crb, so I think that we're safe! :)

LuluAddict said...

Forget about my blossom Stripe comment - Australia got a CRB in Blossom Stripe today. Though, where is the solid Bordeaux CRB?

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I already saw the sashico print in speeds when I was in store earlier... maybe I am mistaken, but I don't think so. They were speeds, last week, in Vancouver

LuluAddict said...

I am hoping for Tracker IIs in it. I'm trying to remember if anyone from the groups I'm in have posted them. There are Rugged Blue Diamond Dot Speeds out, I know.

LeRue said...

Have you heard if the sweater life sweater will ever come to US? I am loving it, but don't want to pay $50-$70 extra for someone from Canada to buy and ship to me :(

LuluAddict said...

@LeRue - It's in US stores. I tried in on last week at my local store.

Anonymous said...

Yeah let me add my two cents lulu: do NOT even think about replacing the crb with any other tank at all!

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about the refresher which I like, is that it's unique and I love the way it looks on me.
The CRB is being knocked off by just about anyone and that may be the reason lulu may discontinue it.