Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rugged Blue Swiftly, Vestigan, and More

Rugged Blue Swiftly LS and Inky Floral Pace Setter Skirt.

lululemon on your way bra
On Your Way Bras and the latest Tracker II shorts.

run for gold ls lululemon jewleed magenta

Jeweled Magenta Run for Gold LS and Illumina Crops

lululemon vesitgan

More photos of the new Vestigan.

Biggy Dot Here to There Dress. You can see how the logo near the hem isn't too obvious.

lululemon fuel green shine tight
Good to Go Tee. Shown with Bordeaux Ebb to Street Pants and Fuel Green Shine Tights.

lululemon jet crop
Bordeaux Refresher Racer tank and Jet Crops.


Anonymous said...

Vestigan. Normcore?

Anonymous said...

$168 Seriously? Honestly, I don't think I would purchase the Here to There Dress from the clearance rack (which btw is where I predict it will end up for $99).

I, no joke, have a nearly identical dress that I bought from Old Navy earlier this year, on sale for $7. I think the original price was $29. The upper back is a little different but otherwise looks the same. Funny thing is it is one of my hubby's favorite dresses on me.

As for tonight's upload, I did too much damage last week, so no goodies for me. Seriously considering the BD luxtreme WUCs though. I tried the Illumina crops in store and while the color combo was cute, I just didn't like how the pattern/mesh/pocket on the side added visual as well as actual bulk to my thighs. Looked good from behind though. Thinking....

Anonymous said...

Vestigan. Fug.

Anonymous said...

I like the dress. I am planning on getting one. Can't decide if I should get the BD or the dots. I saw it in person and it's well made.
The design is also timeless.


Unknown said...

I grabbed the blue vestigan today and it's an ok sweater, for anyone who wants to know! I'm finding the vest part to be kind of hokey and hobo-clownish, but maybe it'll grow on me. I was thinking about cutting the extra material out because I like the sweater pattern, but it's very thin and it does tuck nicely back into the sweater. It looks better as a cardi without the gimmicky vest, but maybe I'll end up wearing it that way more than I think. And I'm not sure if I'm liking the cut in the back -- total butt exposure! I do really like the blue knit pattern, however, and I have a hard time finding blue sweaters for some reason so I'm trying to make it work. I'm not completely sold on it so I might be kicking it back...

Loretta said...

The vestigan is on sale! Hooray! And I bought it. It does look gimmicky but the more I look at it the more I like it. Hope that's the case when I receive it!