Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sashico Cross Rugged Blue Wunder Under Print and More

Another new print in either Roll Down or High Low (stores are using both names) Wunder Under crops. I like this print a lot but would love it without the cross print on top. Based on how these are wrinkling at her knee in the top photo I'd almost guess they were made of practice cotton but more likely full on luon.

Update - these were uploaded to the website on Tuesday. I didn't realize these were the same crops because the lighting on the website photos is so awful you can't see the blotches in the color.

Another photo of the Denim Wunder Under Pants and Floral Platoon WUPs.

New Astro Wunder Under Pant.


Anonymous said...

Is everything looking boring and not slimming, or is it just me?))
WMTM was uploaded at a WEIRD time when everybody is at work(( and not much on there a headband in WAFS , that's all

Chezhire71 said...


I'm super excited because I JUST ordered my Sz 4 in the black & white tie dye L/S Swiftly Tech Scoopneck!

It's on the website now, available in all sizes except Sz 2. Check out Tops, "Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Scoop," colorway "Heathered Black!"

Yippee! I've been waiting for this one for a few weeks now since the SS and the Tank (neither of which I wanted,) were uploaded.

Come on Mr. Fedex, can't wait for all my goodies from uploads this week, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I saw that too...more scuba hoodies in the new blue/black inky floral...more fatigue camo energy bras.

I swear the cadet speeds were on WMTM when I got up at 9am PST. They are now removed from WMTM and back with the regular price speeds...odd

Melissa said...

Those are different speeds. (Different waistbands).

Anonymous said...

The new denim wup are roll down. Just picked them up tonight! Love!

Anonymous said...


Would you elaborate? I thought the speeds I saw on WMTM were 4 way cadet with that pastel+bruised berry waistband...the only cadet 4 way I know of.

Clearly I'm confused!

Anonymous said...


Just figured it out! The cadet speeds are almost identical. Why would lulu make 2 cadet speeds with pastel (same colors) waistbands...only diff was the bruised berry insert and the back zipper that looked like blue tropics. Thanks for giving reason to relook more closely.

Melissa said...

Sure, there were two cadet blue speed shorts released, one for spring and one for summer. The one in WMTM was from spring and has bruised berry in the waistband. The one that is still full price has no bruised berry in the waistband. I think that one is cool breeze, fresh teal and angel wing in the waistband.

Unknown said...

Anyone hemmed their inspires to a below the knee length? Is the end loose? I like the inspires but prefer a shorter crop

Anonymous said...

To Sam J, I hemed my Inspires 1.5" shorter like the regular WUC, the end was great fit. Not sure what would be if it goes even shorter.