Monday, August 11, 2014

NEW! Miss Misty Pullover, Purple Fog (?) Studio Jacket, Stash It Tank, Plus More

Shown with Inkwell/Rugged Blue Tracker II shorts.

Shown with Pace Tights

Shown with the Pleat to Street Skirt
Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.

Photos of the new Miss Misty Pullover. Coming in Black, Inky Floral, and Inkwell Sashico Star Print.

Thanks to Ms. M. for this photo.
New Bumble Berry Stash It Tank.

Up close photo of the Wrapper's Delight Tank. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)

Thanks to Ms. K. for this photo.
New Dance Studio Jacket is out. The color code is PUFO, which I am guessing might be Purple Fog or Purple Foam.

A new Heathered Black Stride Jacket has hit the stores. 

Stash It Tank, Miss Misty Pullover, Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

Bumble Berry Wrapper's Delight Tank and Inky Floral Speeds

The Sweater Life, Cool Racerback, Pace Tights.

The Sweater Life sweater has hit US stores. Shown in Pumpkin and Gray.


Anonymous said...

Hi there - love your blog!!! :)
Do you know where (which country and store) the miss misty's photos were taken from?

Anonymous said...

Love Inky Floral but it's WAY too much in that jacket. Geesh! Will hope to grab it in Speeds and the FTB Bra.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:50pm - They were taken from a variety of Canadian and US stores. I didn't note which specific ones - sorry.

Anonymous said...

What sweater is that grey one under the blue puffy vest?

Anonymous said...

None of this appeals. Too much of that floral is disastrous. Normally into any new speed shorts but since I'm running in Hotty Hot Shorts now, I think I've moved on.

Anonymous said...

The Dance Studio Jacket III is awesome. The fit is so much better. The sleeves are just the right length. I didn't get the DSJ II because the sleeves were too long. I love this new jacket!

Anonymous said...

I like the red in that new bag. I hope they make a solid CRB in that colour and NOT with a pattern! That's the red I've been hoping to see!

Dance Studio Jacket...actually original Dance Studio is the best and none of the ii or ii come close.

Anonymous said...

Do we know yet what the price on the Pleat to Street skirts will be?

Anonymous said...

I liked the Inky Floral till I saw all those coffee-stain blotches. What on earth were the designers thinking? Pass on this print altogether.