Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Muscle Hustle Tee photos.

Rolling with my Omies hoodie, Wunder Under Pant, Unity Pullover

I got my Great Granite Wunder Unders yesterday and really liked them. I found them opaque and nicely matte with good coverage. I took the tags off them today.

More photos of the Diamond Dot Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders

Jeweled Magenta In the Flow crops and Meesh bra.

Lab Edge tee and Breathe Easy pants.

Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you love your WUs. Somehow, I think the print looks better on the WUs, less "dirty", i.e. the Bg seems to be whiter.
I'm waiting for my run times shorts in granite.

Anonymous said...

i really dislike the breathe easy pants. the length on the rolling with my omies (damn lulu and these names+spellcheck makes typing these things out an ordeal lol).

the length on the hoody is appealing but I don't like the zipper on the back…now under the arm zippers, those are useful!

Anonymous said...

Given the sheer reports by customers who have already tried them on, I find it curious how there are no full back shots of the bordeaux drama diamond dot WU's.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Easy Breath bra in black. I had to size down for this bra from normal size 6 to size 4. I wear a 6 in the Free to Be and All Sport bras. It's a low cut bra but I'm light support so there is no major cleavage action going on. I bought it for hot yoga.

I was going to get the pink but the cup inserts were really visible and annoying. I really like the colour but figure I will give the black one a go first before (and if) I buy the pink one.

I'm the person who asked in another thread if the bra was in Toronto stores. If you're after the Noir dress, Yorkville location still has them. I didn't look at the sizes. I totally forgot to check for the BD diamond dot WUs. Guess I put them out of my mind due to the sheer reports and won't buy them. That is one of my favourite colors though!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the outfits shown, I think they're all pretty boring. Nothing new really appeals to me, but I think I'll be interested in the new stripe pattern shown on the bra in Britt's picks.... but only if they make it in the energy bra or free to be. I think I'll really like the colors that are coming though!

I also have a couple questions for those of you who might have an opinion!
1. I bought a pair of the heathered black *cotton wunder under crops, and they fit nicely, but they feel like the kind of material that might pill badly. Do any of you have advice on how these wear? I'm debating about if they're worth keeping or not.

2. Does anyone know if the Om Racerback is a size down item? I'm typically a size 6 in everything, but buy a size 4 in the 105F singlet, so wondering if I should also get a size 4 in this tank?

Thanks for the help!

sisi80 said...

Tried on the "Killin It" muscle tee in store today. I know people have opinions with the saying but really thought it was a fun, cute fit. I definitely could see it being pretty awesome for my Crossfit workouts. Ended up leaving the store with it...would recommend.

Anonymous said...

Is snagging a common issue with in the flows?

Anonymous said...

To anon asking about om tank sizing. Definitely go with yr 105f sizing. Its a beautiful versatile tank:)

Anonymous said...

To anon@10:01AM, I have not had any pilling with my 2 pairs of WUC*cotton roll down (I have heathered black and heathered cadet). I also have not experienced the sagging that other reviews on the LLL site have mentioned (although that seems to have been more the fatigue color). I find them really comfy. Be aware they do show sweat, so I use them for casual wear only.

Anonymous said...

Can Anyone that was able to grab one of the new savasana wraps tell me if they were a size down wrap? Just getting extra hopeful I will be able to get one tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Yes, size down! I wear a size 8 in most Lulu tops and bras, (occassionally a 6), and wear the 105 in a 4 and got this in a 2. Keep in mind the reason I'm an 8 is due to my wide shoulder area but my bust is only 35b and I'm 5'8" 130lbs, so makes sense I need to drastically size down in those.

Tried on BD WU in store yesterday and horribly sheer. Slate WUs loved but need to do some bright light testing before tags come off. Love love love sewn in pocket phone in breathe easy crops but couldn't pull off the mesh. Hope Lulu incorporates that into more crop designs!!

PS-those in Phoenix area, Fashion Square Mall had 3 racks of sale stuff over weekend!

Anonymous said...

Any guesses as to the upload time? Today or tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

My local store pulled the diamond dot Bordeaux pants :(

LuluAddict said...

The upload is supposed to be Tuesdays at 4:15 pm PST, barring technical issues.

Jiji said...

It's sad to hear BD WUPs are sheer. Why doesn't LLL do tests for sheerness before going into production? It sure is better than recalling items.

@ S, I don't have any pilling issue with my roll down cotton WUC (own it in black). I've worn and washed it many times and have not have sagging issues either. I wear it for my yoga class, but wouldn't wear it for high sweat activities.

Anonymous said...

I sized down from a 6 to a 4. I don't find the sleeves tight at all. It depends on how fitted you want it. Love my SW!