Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get It On Skirt, Shine Tights, Get It On Tee, Vestigan, and More

Get It On Skirt in Plush Petal.

High Waisted Shine Tights in Fuel Green and Black. Shown with the Good To Go Tee.

Shown with the Shine Tight and On Your Way bra.

Shown with Rugged Blue Ebb to Street Pants

More photos of the new Vestigan.

On Your Way Bra, Run for Gold Half Zip, Illumina Crops, new Tracker II shorts.

Shown with Illumina Crops
Shown with Pleat to Street Skirt
Run for Gold Half Zip photos.

Run for Gold Ls and Bumble Berry Wunder Unders.

The latest vinyasas

The Rugged Blue Tonka Sripe Swiftly LS.

Jet Crops


Anonymous said...

What a snoozefest. Also, I object to the word "vestigan." What a silly name for a garment. I have a feeling that we are in for a pretty dull upload this afternoon.

Chezhire71 said...

Bought that lovely Black/Grey Microstripe Vinyasa for my sister last night!

Mo said...

I got the rugged blue swiftly at my store yesterday. The color is even better in person!

Unknown said...

The Bordeaux scarf is really nice -- I love it! It is definitely putting me in a Fall mood. (I'm still longing for the gray herringbone vinyasa, however...)
The vestigan looks interesting, and I agree the name is a little silly. (However, I also find 'jeggings' to be somewhat silly, apt though it is.)

Anonymous said...

i agree, LOL "vestigan" - is this a combo vest / cardigan? it looks like a cardigan

Anonymous said...

The swiftly long sleeve is pretty nice, so is the run for gold.