Tuesday, August 5, 2014

European/Asia Pacific Site's Heads Up

Very tempting new sweater called the Sweater Life in Spicy Pumpkin, Bordeaux Drama, and Medium Gray. The price is $108 and it's made of a boolux/tencel/cashmere blend. The Bordeaux Drama one has hit Canadian store already. 

Refresh Racer in Blossom Stripe Bumble Berry Ghost.

New Wunder Under IIs in Bumble Berry - they are an inch longer than the original Wunder Unders. The text says these are made of luon (vs. full on luon).

Full on luxtreme Bordeaux Drama Wunder Under crops.

West2East Stripe Heathered Bordeaux Drama Cool Racerback

Note the West2East Stripe Bumble Berry stripes in this new Free to Be.

New Energy Bra in Exploded Saschico Cross/Kanoko Twist Inkwell/Rugged Blue

50 Rep Bra in Saschico Star Inkwell/Rugged Blue

Free to Be and towel in Inky Floral Ghost Inkwell Bumble Berry. I think there is a tone on tone black version of this print, too.

Bumble Berry Runner Up SS. This is already in North American stores.

Banner photo indicates Love or Alarming Red is returning.


Anonymous said...

Thank god fall is back.

Luli Designs said...

I really like the look of the Bordeux Drama Lux WUC. I hope they come to Canada. LLA where did you find those? I looked on the Australian and UK websites and didn't see them.

LuluAddict said...

@Luli- they weren't uploaded yet but spotted in a Halfax store.