Thursday, August 7, 2014

Comparison: Blue Calm vs. Aquamarine, Blue Moon, Angel Blue, Lullaby, Cool Breeze, and Lilac

From top, going clockwise: Blue Moon Energy bra, Lullaby CRB, Aquamarine CRB, Heathered Angel Blue CRB. The new Heathered Blue Calm CRB is in the center.

From left to right, Cool Breeze CRB, Blue Calm CRB, Lullaby CRB, and Lilac High Noon Dot CRB on the bottom.

This came out a little dark but it's Blue Calm against Inkwell DSPs on the left and Cadet DSCs on the right.

Blue Calm against a pair of Rugged Blue shorts. These are men's shorts but since Rugged Blue is out in In the Flows, I'm going to assume it'll be coming in other colors.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the color comparisons!
I tried on the CRB w rugged blue in the flows under a tie dye LS swiftly... it was an awesome combination! and with the new vinyasa scarf! i'm so happy blue is back!

LuluAddict said...

I was surprised that Blue Calm is different from any other light blue I own. I really like it and it looks so nice with Inkwell and Rugged. I'm kind of hoping for Rugged DSPs now.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, too light for me

Anonymous said...

It is to baby dusty blue for me. I saw it in person and wasn't impressed.