Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bordeaux Scuba, Diamond Dot Boogie Shorts, and More

Now that I see this in sunlight I think it's Bordeaux, rather than the Plum Scuba. Shown with the Diamond Dot Skinny Groove Pants and the Inky Flora Free to Be bra. The more I see of the Inky Floral Inkwell/Bumble Berry print the more I like it.

The same outfit on both ladies - Inky Floral Free to Be bra, Diamond Dot Boogie shorts, and the Studio Jacket. It's back in Black, Plum, and Inkwell.

The interesting combo of Fuel Green and Jeweled Magenta in the Seamlessly Street crops and Ebb to Street tank.

Another interesting combo - Rugged Blue In the Flow crops and Bumble Berry Ebb to Street tank. This is an interesting twist on red/blue and I really like it.

I tried both these Ebb to Street tanks on yesterday. Bumble Berry and Fuel Green are gorgeous and I hope they are coming in other tank styles.

Blue Calm Cool Racerback.

All Tied Up Tank photos.

All Tied Up tank with the new Saschico Star/Kanoko Twist Inkwell/Rugged Blue Wunder Under bottoms. The top photo shows a Bumble Berry Free to Be Bra.

The Sunny Savasana Scarf all cinched up.

H'Om Run jacket photos. I tried this on yesterday and though it fit larger/roomy TTS.

Dance Studio Jackets are back in Plum, Inkwell, and Black.

I tried on the Yogini 5 Year tee yesterday, too, and I can see why everyone is loving them. They are thinner but not see through and feel very comfy. I am just not willing to spend $68 + tax on them at this point.

Exhalation Pullover photos. 

Henley style shirts on guys get me every time. New henley in the Metal Tech Vent. The men's Kung Fu luon pants are back, too.


Jessie said...

So all the No Limits tanks are on WMTM including the new granite one. Is this a sign they are discontinuing them?! Im concerned ����

LuluAddict said...

@Jessie - I had reported a rumor a couple of months ago that they were being discontinued. Since the Great Granite one showed up in WMTM, it looks like that is coming true.

Anonymous said...

LLA, can we get one of your investor analysis/business news posts soon, especially with Chip selling off a large chunk of his shares today? I always enjoy those posts from you.

Anna DC said...

The diamond dot bottoms are partly sheer in that photo. Did Lulu just decide not to be concerned about it, because they figure most customers don't care? And what is the secret to wearing the seamless/in the flow crops and avoiding the partial sheerness? I like the style, but I tried on a pair in the store and you could really obviously see my underwear through them - and they were a heathered black pair, the darkest color they had. And they aren't too small - I'm between sizes (6-8) and tried the 8. Very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new inky floral Inkwell/Bumble Berry print!!!

Speed shorts plse!!! Energy bra!!!

LuLuLisa said...

I'm pretty bummed out to see that the Diamond Dot Skinny Groove Pants are sheer.

Anonymous said...

Britt's Picks is up early and confirms that the No Limits tank is being discontinued.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see Fuel Green and Bumble Berry in CRB's.

Sheer WU's, no temptation there.

Why does that store insist on taking pictures in the icky alley way? I guess it's supposed to be so street cool or something, but it's lame imo.

Anonymous said...

The Diamond Dots pants are so sheer, that you can see the hang tag through the pants on the model in the photo with just the bra and pant in the alleyway.

Unknown said...

I wish they would have made the Diamond Dots and the striped Skinny Grooves reversible to black. I have the earlier version of the dot, and the striped ones too. I don't find them to be sheer, but I size way up. I think they are great pants, but I'd be raving if they were reversible, which would have been a nice (and easy) touch.

MB. said...

The BD Scuba is gorgeous. And that FTB in the inky floral print, too--they did a good job with it. Wondering if the print will stretch out so you can see the 'grain' (AKA was it printed on white material?).

Anonymous said...

Just got my order from upload.
Diamond dot skinny wills - yes you can see the hang tag but the diamond dot pattern makes the sheerness more forgiving.
FTB bra in inky floral - really nice BUT my pattern placement has a big splash of beige (angel wing maybe) right on the front - it looks like I spilled coffee on it and washed it and it didn't come out. Definitely do not like that. All of the pics we see here, they have definitely picked through for the best pattern placement. My placement sucks. I will send it back and order another and hope for better.
Exhalation pullover makes me look like a square, or maybe a triangle. I'm not sure - it just makes me look wierd. Which is too bad because it fits nice and is a nice pullover otherwise. Looks great from the back and side but the front is a definite no go. Also it is not pockets, it is a full pouch across the front which may have something to do with the bottom half of the top looking awful. And the inside pockets are the new star print - FUG!

Unknown said...

Hi LLA..Wondered if you had a chance to try on the new scuba in the: maple stripe heathered inkwell heathered mojave tan/vine stripe heathered inkwell heathered mojave tan (wow what a name!) ?
I love this combo and got a chance to try it on..My tts 10 was like a straight jacket in this particular color so I went with my size up..12.
Also tied on the new WUC II in the new blue print and purchased them without reading the tag but did notice something strange about them...When I got home and read Britt's picks obviously I discovered that they are 1" longer..I'm 5'8" and the old version was perfect on me..These seem to be neither here nor there so I will probably return unless I decide to have them altered or if they come in the pant version may just opt for those. The print is beautiful and very opaque, thankfully!

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - My store isn't getting Scubas for awhile yet so I haven't seen any of the new ones. I did order the inkwell/deep coal Inky Floral which should come today, I think. Interesting you found it small. I ordered two sizes just in case of that happening and now that you told me this I am glad I did.

My store did not have the new blue print WUCs yet but people who've seen them really love them. I am not thrilled about longer WUCs, either. They'll just become another item I routinely get hemmed when I buy them.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:16 am - yeah, the Exhalation did me no favors when I tried it on. If I want a comfy warm top, I'm reaching for my Base Runner hoodie, which, if lulu is smart, is coming to North America again this fall.

RDouglas said...

Forget the LLL. That male model - I'll take that please!

Unknown said...

I grabbed the blue H'om Run Jacket today, and I'm really happy with it! The blue is really pretty. I ended up with my usual size, but the sizing was a little off in that I either had to do a smaller size and zip it, or a bigger and keep it open. I can't make it work both ways, so I opted for a bigger size. I'm curious if it's like that for everyone. It reminds me of the Mula jacket from a while back that isn't flattering (on me) zipped but is great loose and open. I think it's a really cute little jacket, but I betcha it ends up being a WMTM item because I don't think it photographed well on the website. I never would've looked at it twice if I hadn't seen the cool photos of it on LLA!

Anonymous said...

Hi all -

First of all, I am new-ish to your website and I just wanted to say that love it! I know this is off-topic, but I did have a question regarding the Energy Bra vs the All Sport Bra. I'm preparing to train for a fall half marathon and figured this was a good opportunity to splurge on a decent sports bra :) I'm not particularly large chested but am looking for something supportive and cute. I tried on the Energy Bra in stores and liked it, as it was better than what I'm used to running in and I could also use it for yoga, but I'm curious about the All Sport Bra. Anyone out there willing to give me a recommendation/any tips? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I wear the All Sport Bras and like them a lot - it's the only style that works for me for running, because it's supportive enough without being too constricting, and the wide straps are actually quite comfy because the material is soft. I wear a B cup (barely) but have a largish frame, I get the size 8. I love the Free to Be bras for yoga but they were a little too bouncy when running so after trying literally every other type of bra Lulu has, I've been buying the All Sport style. With other styles the band was too tight or the cut didn't work. I believe the All Sport is only sold online but you can return for free if it doesn't work out.

Anonymous said...

RE: All Sport vs Energy bra

Love the All Sport bra! Wide straps offer great support without digging in. Girls stay put. No jiggle for me (I am 38C). Seems to come up a little higher in the front. So less cleavage, which I prefer, especially when I lean over during spin class.

Energy bra sizing has changed again. Too tight around ribcage. Straps felt shorter to me. Wore to spin class once and tore it off as soon as could. Just painful all around.

Returned Energy bra to store without problem. Even eds admitted sizing was too tight.

Have plenty of Energy bras in old colorways. And those fit great, look great. But new sizing is just too tight.

Bottom line: If I have a high intensity or long workout planned, then I choose the All Sport over the Energy bra. I just find it more comfortable.

Side note: You might want to look into the Stuff Your Bra. Those little pockets might come in handy for your marathon. I do find it fits a bit more snug than the All Sport. But it's still comfortable.

-- Hope that helps! Lea :o)

Anonymous said...

RE: All Sport vs Energy bra

I just came from the Walnut Creek store. They had the All Sport bra in stock (magenta and black). That surprised me because I thought it was only online too.

-- Lea

Anonymous said...

LLA -->Scuba sizing?

LLA: When you have time, please share your thoughts on the new scuba sizing. I just bought the bordeaux today, but it felt tight. I can take a 10, but I usually take a 12 for comfort.

I just bought the mojave tan telemark with great granite hood last week. Fit was great, so was confused why bordeaux felt off.

The sleeves on the bordeaux are longer, about an inch. Perhaps it's the material?

Thank you! Lea

LuluAddict said...

@Rdouglads - I know, right? :P

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:36 pm - The Bordeaux Scuba has sleeves an inch longer? That sounds weird. Did you check the size dot in the left pocket? It's not unusual for items to be tgged with wrong size. I just got my Inkwell Flat Inky Floral Scuba today and the 10 matches up perfectly against the Fatigue Scuba I bought a few months ago. I know some Scubas do have off sizing, so the Bordeaux could be one of those weird ones.

Unknown said...

@ anon 4:36 - I find Scuba's of late to be all over the map as far as sizing...My tts is a 10 but find sometimes going to a 12 gives me extra length which I for the shoulders and under arm room definitely roomier in my up size but not significantly so most of the time...In the past month I've bought a few scubas and it's been hit or miss ..some I've preferred the 10 over 12 and vice versa..One that stands out is the maple stripe heathered inkwell heathered mojave tan/vine stripe heathered inkwell heathered mojave tan That was a definite size up as the 10 was like a straight jacket..and the educators at my Lulu also had to size up in this particular print but usually it's just a preference and I can do either..But definitely not in this one. Hope that helps :)

Unknown said...

I've found the scuba sizing to be a little off too. I'm returning my burlap because it doesn't seem as long as some of the others I've gotten recently. I tried a bigger size but it still didn't fit right. Sigh. I also sometimes get the bigger size for the sleeve length and extra shoulder room and then get them taken in on the sides and bottom.

Anonymous said...

The all sport bra is a better bra for running than the energy. I feel that it holds things in better.
I can run in both, but find the all sport more comfortable, so I always grab that one.
I am a 34DD.