Monday, August 18, 2014

Bordeaux Refresher Racer Tank, Denim Skinny Will Pants, and More

Bordeaux Refresher Racer Tank (ugh, where is the CRB in this color?), Blossom Stripe Energy bra, and Denim Skinny Will Pant.

Also shown is the City Lab Pullover
Bordeaux Refresher Racer and Patchwork Wunder Under Pant
Miss Misty Pullover and patchwork Wunder Under Crops

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS and Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt


Anonymous said...

Boo... I guess I'm done buying swiftlys until they make more scoop neck versions next Spring/Summer. I was really hoping for a bordeaux scoop but it looks like it's not going to happen. I can't stand the crew neck variety. I feel like they strangle me. :\

Anonymous said...

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS and Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt...shirt is nice but the two together are not good.

Patchwork pant...wth? Disaster. A bad pair of patchwork jeans (which I'd never wear or have worn) are a better option than these pants. Somehow they look like a robot's pants too.

Anonymous said...

wow...that's all I can say

Anonymous said...

Oh Lulu, I'm so glad you occasionally slate awful items for sale, like the patchwork here. Nice to know I don't need to worry about getting these during an upload.