Monday, August 18, 2014

Australian Heads Up

New Embossed Flat Inky Floral Hop To It Crops in Australia. They are available in size 2 through 12 in Australia but the North American buyer is a different person so who knows what sizes we'll get. I really hope this print is coming in another bottom style. The inseam on these is 17" so a bit short. I'd love them in Up the Pace or Inspires.

Blossom Stripe Cool Racerback - yay, I love CRBs and am not a fan of the Refresher Racer,


Anonymous said...

That new Embossed Inky Floral pattern in black on black colour is so gorgeous, love it! That style of crop looks pretty nice too! Actually, now I'm picturing a Pace Setter skirt in that same pattern and colour combination, would definitely purchase!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a bumble berry forme. Where are the bumble berry WUC?!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:00pm - a bumble berry form sounds divine!

And I would love that print on a longer crop as well. 17" is too short for me. I love the inspire crop length!

Deezee007 said...

Whoa- when I first saw the Inky embossed print in that first pic, I totally thought it was a subtle cheetah print. That pic just sold me :)