Friday, July 18, 2014

Zobha Give Away Winnner!

Being on summer vacation has messed me up a bit and picking the Zobha giveaway winner slipped my mind. I used a random number generator to pick the winning comment, which was: 

The winner is comment #69 - Shaunie!!!

Can you email me (at your contact info (name and email), Shaunie? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

OT: I find it a very strange business practice that lululemon has posted different prices online for the same item in one day. Has anyone noticed this in the camo inspires? I bought a pair at my local store for $92, and spotted them in the size I wanted online last week for $86. This morning, I noticed more sizes are available (is Friday a stealth upload day? It's the second Friday I've spotted merchandise replenished online). I emailed them to ask why there is a price discrepancy, and what do you know - the price this evening was raised to $92 online. Bizarre! Needless to say, I have yet to receive an email back from the GEC.

Anonymous said...

Wow mesh items from Brits picks! Can't wait til Tuesday upload!

Anonymous said...

@6:41- I called the GEC because I saw them online at $86 and in the store for $92. The store refused to sell them to me for $86 even after showing them it was online for $92. The GEC agreed there was a discrepancy and called my local store to give me the $86 price. Then the website changed its price. I know it's only a $6 difference, but $100 (with tax) is pushing the limits on those crops (camoflauge inspires). Especially since all the other prints are $86. Lululemon is just being greedy!!!

Jackie said...

^^ funny you should bring this up! i was running on friday and tripped and fell - i tore a hole into my camo inspires. i was really upset since they were so expensive, then i thought i would TRY going to my local lulu to see if i could exchange for another pair. no questions asked - they let me swap them out for a brand new pair, which was great! i noticed that the tag said $92. i paid $86 for my first pair online. i was wondering why the $6 difference. and like you said, its only $6, but its just the point. glad i'm not the only one who noticed this! :)

Anonymous said...

I think $6 is quite a difference, if they are going to do that there should be a reason.
Jackie that is good that they exchanged without any hassles. lululemon is so random though it is quite annoying.


Anonymous said...

You tripped and fell and thought Lululemon should replace your pants because of your mistake? Technical fabric is not guaranteed against falls or sidewalks or user error. Come on! People who take advantage of the brand like that ruin it for those with actual quality issues.