Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Opal Forme Jacket, Twist Bra, and More

Heathered Opal Forme Jacket.

This series of photos really captures the true color of Bruised Berry. Shown with Fatigue Camo WUCs. 

Bruised Berry CRB and Cadet Pretty Palm Wunder Under crops. It's interesting to see these colors paired but I don't think they particularly complement each other.

Bruised Berry Cool Racerback and Angel Hottie Hot Short

Twist Bra Long Line and Roll Down Wunder Under Crops

Twist Bra Long Line in Raspberry, Black, and Inkwell.

With Hottie Hot Shorts
Patience Tank and Wunder Under crops.

Neon Pink Swiftly Tank

Bruised Berry Swiftly

The Angel Wing Sweet Dot with different colored tops.

With Forest In the Flow crops

Rolling With My Omies Tank

These two women make the Serenity Hoodie look cute.

Cadet Wunder Under Crop and Free to Be Bra

All Day Asana Tote


Anonymous said...

I think the serenity hoodie is adorable but can wait till it goes to WMTM since it's too hot to wear it now anyway.

I will eventually get a Rollin with my omies tank. I think it would be great for work and casual as well. I could also throw it on after working out if I need to run into a store. As far as the price, someone commented that you could get it cheaper somewhere else - I actually think it is priced well for what it is. If you went into Banana Republic it would be more expensive in my opinion. I've been on BR's website trying to use up rewards and am surprised at how much a flimsy silk tank goes for - some were $79.

I also like the angel wing dot print but probably only in a bra or headband.

Loving the CrossFit shots in this series.

Anonymous said...

As a non lulu bra owner (small tatas, no need to tame) and also a crop top hater, I'm seriously actually loving this twist front bra. Any reviews???

Sorry to be so OT but can anyone recommend a lulu bag that works particularly great for a carry on? Most lately seem ideal just for the beach

Sb said...

Hate the new Camo and Cadet Blue Pretty Palm WUC. Just got them and they are going back. Material is spongy, hot, slippery, shiny and moves around. I'm staying away from the Luxtreme WUC. I really like Denim Luon or Full on Luon.

Katie Knight said...

Lulu has been so weird lately. I havent liked anything! It is probably good for my wallet, but still. I love the girl posing with the flag. So patriotic haha.

I actually really like the cadet palm crops, but I hate that it is the luxtreme. Is there a reason why they are using that fabric instead of the luon?

janine57 said...

The cadet blue pretty Palm is pretty but what pairs with it? I'd like to pair something with the lighter color to bring out the color of the design I know white and other colors will pair. Wish there was a crb or energy that would match somewhat.

janine57 said...

I also bought the opal swiftly ss. It was much brighter in the picture and was washed out so I returned. I usually buy online love the look of the opal but won't bite.

MB. said...

The girls are making the pants and crops look amazing here. Wow.

Anonymous said...

at 4:53AM - the flow to om bag i think looks super classy and would work for carry on..

the angel wing dot look like boxers / undershorts but i'm loving the neon pink swiftly paired pic. she looks so fresh!

Anonymous said...

I really hope cadet pretty palm comes in inspires. Luxtreme WUs area a good idea in theory, but they are terrible for any work out- they just don't stay up. Love the print though- I think it'd look amazing with a neon pink top.

The white hottie hot shorts just look like a big ol' diaper on everyone- even the ladies who have amazing figures.

Anonymous said...

Did lulu change the free to be bra fit again? I have a pipe dream blue, pretty purple, and black tonka stripe that all fit great. I've ordered a bleached coral, white, and opal and they all fit too large even though the size is the same. Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!

Melissa said...

Lullaby looks good with it I think.

Anonymous said...

Went to the store today and tried on a few things. The camo WUC felt so plastic and will definitely return the camo inspires when it gets here. The only thing that tempted me was the BB CRB but I don't need another CRB. On the other hand, I received my Lorna Jane order, a bra and a mesh tank - total love! The quality is just amazing! They are expensive but with 20% off promotion, the cost is comparable to Lulu's. LLA, have you tried LJ?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:27 pm - I have tried some Lorna Jane on when a store near me opened up about a year or so ago. You can find my review if you search. At the time the return policy was for exchange only which was a major turn off for me. (They've now since changed to two week). The dressing rooms only had one mirror (not a three way) so you couldn't see your back view. I wasn't willing to take a chance on a $70 tank or $90 crops that I couldn't return once I got a good look at it at home so the only think I got was a pair of boyshort underwear which I really like.

LuluAddict said...

Lol think not thing

Anonymous said...

I just bought the new twist bra and LOVE so flattering on. I bought my TTS in a bra.