Thursday, July 31, 2014

NEW! Bordeaux Drama Diamond Dot Wunder Under Pant, Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops, Muscle Hustle Tees, and More

Bordeaux Drama and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants

Bordeaux Drama In the Flows and Wunder Under Pants.

New Bordeaux Drama Diamond Dot Wunder Under Pants are hitting stores today. Also shown are new Heathered Slate WUPS, Bordeaux Drama In the Flow Crops, LS Tie Dye Swiftlys, and Heathered Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops.

Shown with the Muscle Hustle Tee

Unity Pullover and Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops

With a Great Granite Power Y.

The Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops.

The Killin In Muscle Hustle tee.

The variety in the Tie Dye Swiftly Tanks.

I got to try on the Great Granite Wunder Under crops today and am leaning towards keeping the pair I ordered at upload. Someone asked in the comments if the pattern fades with stretch and the answer is yes. 


Anonymous said...

Was that LS tie dye swiftly already released?

LuluAddict said...

The LS Swiftly has not hit the US side of the website yet. I didn't see it in more store this morning, either, just the tank and the SS.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if those BD diamond dot WUP are the roll down version? I only buy the roll downs much more versatile and no chance of muffin top.

Also, I'm glad I didn't order the jeweled magenta in the flows. Based on the photos it looks just like a pink that was out last summer and ended up on all the store clearance racks.

Anonymous said...

I must preface my next comment by saying that as a mom of two, I have by no means a flat tummy, but does it seem that the LS tie dye swiftly accentuates the one girls midsection in a big way? I have to ask because while I love the print, I don't need anything that draws attention to that area, and if it has that affect on that in shape girl, I can only imagine the result on me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:10 pm - regular - not roll downs.

heather said...

someone said she tried on in store and they aren't roll down

Chezhire71 said...

Heads up ladies, that L/S Tie Dye Swiftly is now uploaded to the website, today! Available in all sizes right now except 2.
Can't wait for mine to arrive!

Unknown said...

I really hope it's the tie dye swiftly. When I chose that option- it was saying it was heathered black. I ordered it- I guess I'll see if I get it.

Unknown said...

Are the heathered slate wunder under comfortable and can I wear them to the gym?