Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mojave Tan Super Stripe Wunder Unders, Pineapple Cool Racerback, and More

The new Denim Luon Super Stripe Mojave Tan/Black Wunder Under Pant. Also shown is the Yogi Cut Off Tank.

Close up of the new Pineapple Cool Racerback. You can see in this photo the print is made up of tiny bits of Flowabunga Multi print pieces. (Thanks to Ms. E. for the top photo and Ms. B. for the bottom photo.)

New heathered Medium Gray stripe No Limit tank. Shown with In the Flow crops.

Mojave Tan Studio Pants and black Om Tank.

The new pink Chai Time that is in Australia.

Shown with a Sheer Lemon bra.

Shown with Serenity Shorts

Bleached Coral Run Times Shorts

Om Tank Photos.

Sheer Lemon No Limit Tank, Swiftly Tank, and Cool Racerback.

Side note - the media seems to be having a lot of fun with the Runsie. Some choice quotes from this Fittish Deadspin article:

"The Runsie is basically hideous outerwear that requires purchasing additional products to actually be able to use it. But, hey, it has a secret stash pocket for your keys! Or antidepressants!"

"We made this easy onesie to keep us cool and collected when we're pounding the pavement," Lululemon's copy gurus write. Then why make it in black, long known for its heat-absorbtion? Or in the color above, which can only be described as the Ghost of Flowers Past?"

I am totally stealing that "Ghost of Flowers Past" line. It describes the print exactly - I always thought the print had a slightly creepy or sinister vibe, kind of like Dia del Muertos prints. Don't get me wrong the sinister aspect is why I like the print.


SD said...

I am on the fence about keeping my Mojave tan WUs. I dont know if they look fab or cheap. Was tossing up between pawning off my black white parallel stripe WUP and keeping the mojave. But I am not entirely convinced to keep it...thoughts?

LuluAddict said...

Ooh, I'd say keep the Parallel stripe WUPs. I haven't seen the mojave tan in person but I did like the Cadet/White stripe ones that came out a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

Aww. I understand why people are amused by the runsie, but I don't think it's all that bad. I like the open back, and what do they mean about requiring additional purchases. Like what, a bra? Probably everyone buying running clothes already has a running bra so I think they're good with just the onesie?

Totally OT: I'm interested in getting into trail running and thinking of getting a pair of Salomons. Does anyone have experience with these? I read some people saying they run tts, others saying you need to go a half size smaller. I always buy 6s... casual shoes and running shoes. Do I need a 5.5?? Nowhere seems to carry 5.5 except online so I can't try them on :/ Any advice? Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:36 pm - They are piling on for sure - the media has an irrational hate for lululemon and loves to bash them for clickbait. The article got hammered in the comments about built in bras not working for most women so their complaint about that aspect was not valid.

One good comment was that women wouldn't care for the open lower back since it's an area many women don't like on their bodies and I totally agree with with that. I think the fully open back is what doomed this year's Runsie the most.

Anonymous said...

What raspberry colored bra is that in the 5th Om tank photo?!

LuluAddict said...

That is the Twist bra long line.

Anonymous said...

The Pineapple CRB is not too bad - pineapples are very popular with the teens - my 17 YO and her friends wear clothes with pineapples, so there is a market out there.
As for the Runsie.... I don't mind the open back - it's the black color (really hot for running in) and that you can't go to the bathroom quickly in that thing!

Anonymous said...

That runsie article was so satisfying! I'm one of the few bewildered critics of that piece of clothing and the article articulately worded every aspect of it in a perfect witty manner. Down to the print, ha!
OT- the hope of those magenta in the flows showing up in the US have me so anxiously waiting on the upload. It's like waiting on a crush to call me. Will he or won't he.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36 - If you can, I would go to a store and try them on before you purchase them (even if you're looking to buy them online because they're cheaper). There's no substitute for trying on a pair of shoes, especially if you're going to be wearing them for running longer distances. Running shoes are one thing not to skimp on (though of course it's always nice to find a sale), and the associates at running-specific stores should be trained to help you pick out the right shoe for you.

That said, I had a pair of Salomon's for trail running and I found them TTS. I always get a half size up from my regular shoe size (8) for running shoes, and the 8.5 was perfect. Good luck! Have fun hitting the trails!

karatemom said...

On the Salomons, my experience has been size down a half a size--I'm a 10 in every other running shoe but I am comfy in the 9.5 in the Salomons. I have the XR missions. I tried the Speedcross, but thought they were kind of clunky. I love trail running--you're going to be slower, but it's a better (and more fun) workout.

Climbergirl said...

@1:36: look into brooks cascadia... Have had two pairs of these for trail running and love them!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36
I love my Salomons!
I got them in my TTS (ordered online) & was worried that they might be too big. They feel a bit larger because they have a wide "toe box".
I am 100% happy with my TTS, but understand why people might want to size down a bit because of the larger toe box.

Anonymous said...

On the Salomons, they have great shoes for trails. I also have an awesome pair of specific winter runners (special soles for winter snow/ice traction) - love them. In Salomon I am tts, but in my current pair of New Balance trail shoes (totally love them) I had to go a half size down. I agree you need to try the shoes on (or order 2 pairs and deal with the return policy).

I can't stand the Runsie. As for open back, not an issue for me (my entire back is strong and sexy if I do say so myself, lol)

Anonymous said...

anon@1:36 here! Thank you so much everyone for the feedback on the Salomons! I'll try the 6s in store to be safe, if they feel too big I'll try ordering a 5.5 online :D Excited! You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...


a couple of suggestions...
* google "salomon womens running shoes reviews"
* check out reviews

Anonymous said...


I agree with anon@1:33pm. I would recommend keeping the black/white parallel stripe WUP. I also have the navy & white which I really love.

Mojave Tan/Black WUP just doesn't pull it off imho. I think it's b/c the stripe is fine and the tan looks like flesh color, so the overall look is not that great.

Anonymous said...

Ghost of flowers past!! LOL. That's a great name for the collection.
I WANT to get that ghosty runsie now because hey, if even that guy in the video can look half decent in them, I think I'll be able to rock it.

Hmm no mojave wunder unders for me, I've just ordered Glyder's new space dye crops. Now those are really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what crb color is in the photo along with other yellow shaded tanks in this blog? Is it zest?