Friday, July 18, 2014

Magenta Swiftlys, Sweet Dot Pacesetter Skirt, Love Tee and More

 The long sleeve Jeweled Magenta LS Swiftly.

Jeweled Magenta Swiftly tank and Black Sweet Dot Pace Setter Skirt.

 Flowabunga Run Times Shorts and Jeweled Magenta Swiftly tank.

Photos of the new vitasea Love Tees.

 Love Tee and Ok Hi Tee

Cadet Striped Swiftly tank.

Bleached Coral Boyfriend Tee.

Noir Dress in Cadet and Black.

Mojave Tan Stride


Anonymous said...

Those flowabunga shorts aren't speeds - They look like Trackers or they could be Hotty Hots.

LuluAddict said...


Anonymous said...

hope theres something mildly exciting in the next upload. for me it'd be a cool new skirt or that new print.
because if i see anymore flowabunga on the same old stuff or cheesy trendy lines i might lose my effin mind. put me in a flowabunga straightjacket in a "pretty palm" padded cell.

Anonymous said...

long sleeve magenta swiftly is beautiful!

caitlin said...

I was thinking about looking for the noir dress in stores near me but then I spotted a really similar dress in old navy in a colour somewhere in between plum and concord grape, as well as black for $32. Didn't buy it since I don't wear dresses all that often but now I'm not going to bother hunting the noir dress down. Lulu needs to step up their game. I don't like that I can find something comparable at ON of all stores, and for $100 less than lulu is charging.

Anonymous said...

What kind of crops/pants is there girl wearing in the gray/heather tee?

Anonymous said...

Noir Dress = Not Flattering

Anonymous said...

I must add my $108 to the convo about the Noir dresses! I bought one Monday in black and absolutely love it. Is it pricey? Yes, but it the quality worth it? Yep.

Someone mentioned that one would never pay $108 for this dress if it wasn't for lululemon's name on it. There are other plain black jersey dresses that are going for almost $200 on It is all a matter of quality. I am sorry, but Old Navy or Forever 21 dresses will not have the same material and quality feel as this dress (and pretty much any item compared with lululemon) which is KEY when you have tight, clingy dresses! A skater dress they could get away with ... but this one? Nah, not for me. I looked for a comparable dress in Nordstrom's junior section and even that dress was a bit sheer for a $60 price tag.

I am completely happy with this dress and the fit is great ... as you can see in the photos! If you can find it, I highly encourage you get it because it is definitely a head turner!

Anonymous said...

To each their own but $108 dress from LLL does not necessarily equal quality. LOL we all know that with this brand and its waywardness.

I have a friend who would never pay $108 + tax for this dress. She will pay for quality but diligently waits for sales. Yesterday a group of us had dinner and she was wearing a figure hugging black dress/sleeveless etc. For all I know, it was from ON. I didn't even ask her and I didn't look for logos or labels because bottom line, she looked amazing. If you want to drop $108 and convince your self that your dress is "better" than ON, F21 knock yourself out. I have no doubt that there are ladies killing this look who have spent far less money.

Anna said...

Have to agree that Lulu doesn't necessarily equal quality. I dropped my $88 on a Yoga Over skirt. One wash (delicate cycle, with other Lulu only, and hung to dry) and it has fuzzed and stretched and is a piece of crap.

Guess that's what I get for buying a skirt they made out of recycled pants.

On another (more positive) note - I do agree the magenta ls swiftly is gorg. Anyone know if this color has been bleeding at all?

Anonymous said...

I bought the refresher racer dress and it was totally worth the money for me. I had a cheaper cotton version from a different store but that dress wasn't holding up well. Material was thinner and with each wash I felt like it was just a little less nice. Because the lulu dress is made with Luon it will hold its shape and colour for a long time. That to me makes it worth the purchase. I could care less about the logo on it (and I even sort of wish it was more subtle).

Anonymous said...

Lululemon deserve higher price tags bec of better quality, but not over priced. Those so called better quality dress to me should not worth more than $88 IMO, That's why I only bought their Angel blue in the flow dress so far.

Anonymous said...

I do like the look of the Noir dress. Don't understand why this is colab though, not a very innovative design. Also wish Lulu would stop putting black on everything, I'm sure it's a money saving exercise, wouldn't that cadet blue dress look better with matching panels down the sides? In my opinion the black cheapens it (same with the yoga over skirt).
I would love a couple of luon dresses, would be so useful in summer and looks a bit smarter than crops and a tee. Maybe a Cool Racer Dress, I've been hoping they would do this for a while, in a few colour choices...enough of the black.