Monday, July 14, 2014

Jeweled Magenta Wee Space CRB, Stride Jackets, Sweet Dot Trackers

Some photos of the Jeweled Magenta Wee Space Cool Racerback. Also shown are black Sweet Dot Tracker II shorts and Stride jackets.

Wee Space Jeweled Magenta Wunder Under crops.

Close of up the black Sweet Dot Tracker IIs.

Photos of the Black, Gray, and Mojave Tan Stride Jackets.


Anonymous said...

Any idea if the sweet dot black Trackers are 2 way or 4 way stretch? Thanks!

Jessie said...

Are those polka dotted shorts with the pink zipper out yet or are those new? I love the accent zipper!

Anonymous said...

J, Hi Sweetie! You are a gorgeous model. Love you! xoxo Noreen

Blondmoma said...

The trackers are two way stretch. Bought them anyway!

Anonymous said...

Whiskey tango foxtrot! LOL