Friday, July 11, 2014

Britt's Picks - The Stride is Back and New "Noir" CoLab Stuff Coming (Updated)

Lots of excitement that he Stride is finally back. The one in this photo looks like Mojave Tan.

Colors that new Strides will come in.

A couple new run items in black Sweet Spot. I am hoping this is 4-way fabric.

I'm kind of confused about the difference between &Go and the colab stuff (minimal to my eye and I definitely slot them into the same category). There are five new pieces coming out - a bra, a jacket, a dress, shorts, and pants - in three colors: black, cream, and cadet (yawn).

Here are the artsy model photos of the line:

Here are some real life photos of it:

The dress looks a lot like the Refresher Racer dress but with a major difference. This dress is made of luon light (think a CRB) and the Refresher was regular luon. Regular luon offers you smoothing and holds you in, light luon will reveal all your lumps and bumps. One early try on I've read of this dress said it ran small and her size up was still too snug for her liking. The price is $108.

The new Noir Jacket shown with Shine Hi Times crops.  

I'm not getting the infatuation with the baseball style jacket. The &Go New School jacket was also baseball style, so was the Om jacket. This jacket is made of Swift. The shorts are also made of Swift. (How many warehouses of black Swift does lululemon have? I have the sneaking feeling that many recent designs seem to be aimed at getting rid of excess material.). The bra is luxtreme with mesh in the back and adjustable straps. Based on the photos it looks like the bra is going to be the best seller.

One of the special things about getting things at the lab in Vancouver is that it's made in Canada and I do not believe that is the case with these wide-release items. If I was Queen of lululemon, I'd say scrap these wide multi-item colab releases, put Lab stores in New York City and Los Angeles (maybe London and Paris, too, because, as Queen, money is no object and I don't have a board and investors on my ass ; )   ) to get some fresh and regional ideas, and port over the most popular designs into the main line as Special/Limited Editions.


Anonymous said...

For once, I am actually liking the look of this line, especially the bra, pant, and jacket. I like the look of those pieces together as an outfit!

I am also really excited about the stride coming back since I have never owned one and hear so many positive things! Does anyone know how it compares to the define? TIA!

Anonymous said...

Aww crap...I'm gonna need those polka dot shorts! Love the bright pink (jewelled magenta??) accent!

stylistadiva said...

I was liking the dress until I read what it was made of. I don't like the idea of it being that thin of material.

Anonimouse said...

I like the look of the tracker II's but I've spent all of my Lulu budget. I can say if you were on the fence about the Cadet Long sleeved swiftly get it, it's beautiful and I love my striped Roll Down WUC's too. Totally opaque and nicely supportive.

Not that I were them together of course :D

Anonymous said...

Not into the Tracker short, too long. I just bought the Hotty short and am going to run in them today.

On the colab vs &Go, at least colab seems somehow more hip. The only thing that might interest me are the pants. They look like they have a Still Pant angle...without seeing them in person I can't tell why they might be special/different from Stills. Otherwise: the bra is just like one they already have out. Shorts hopefully don't have pleats but are probably passable. The dress they've already done (even though luon light is the difference) and the jacket? It has see through panels/mesh and just not a must for me in a casual jakcet. I have a cajillion jackets anyway.

Stride Jacket coming back - cool. I have the In Stride (no hood) in black and it is definitely an indispensable jacket. I love its long length and the high collar. Mine is also the old, thick luon and it has held up beautifully.

Anonymous said...

The Stride Jacket looks alot like the Nice Asana Jacket to me

Anonymous said...

Eh that jacket is not like the define at all. Define is similar to the Forme. The In stride is more like the Nice Asana or Contempo.

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody here willing to be an angel and pick the bra and pants up for me from Vancouver? My email is

Anonymous said...

That dress with the chunky necklace on it. That will snag that Luon in a hot minute. And like they always do, she will wear it for the picture and maybe the rest of the day on the sales floor and then it gets re-tagged for some poor schmuck to buy.

Anonymous said...

I am liking this line for casual wear. I also think it could be dressed up or dressed down. I might get the pants, not 100% sure about the dress or the bra.
8:12 I really hope that is not what they do with the clothes they model. I thought it was their own stuff.


Anonymous said...

I have seen it. And I have been asked by my store to "model" several outfits. They took me outside, so they could get action shots of me running. Some of the items we could hide the tags, the others they clipped off and re-tagged when we were done. This is when I was so in love with Lulu - it never occurred to me that this was probably happening with other regular customers and for sure the staff. :/

Anonymous said...

8:47 I can't believe they put the stuff you did action shots in back on the racks, good thing I double check my stuff and wash before wearing.