Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Cr*pload of Bring Back the Track Jacket Photos

Shown with the Great Granite Pace Setter Skirt

Shown with Great Granite Inspire Crops

 Bring Back the Track Jacket in Black

Shown with the Weightless Crew

Shown with the Up The Pace crops

Shown with Pace Crops

Tons of the Bring Back the Track Jacket. I am dying to give this a try on.


Anonymous said...

You're right ! It's all CR*P ! I haven't been in a store for over a month now and haven't bought anything in several months. I used go into a store every week and come out with something. Wow... Lots of exta $ for so many other better things. Great granite print is so ugly to me.

Anonymous said...

The bring back the track jacket is great, although the dead flowers and stone print somewhat deduct from this greatness. It serves its purpose very well, although I refrained from buying one, since I already have have two similar jackets.

Anonymous said...

The black looks fine. The Great Granite version, ick. It just looks dumpy even on cute ladies.

LLL kills me on jackets. They used to make so many winners that I had to have. Not in approx. 2 years now have I wanted any jacket they've produced. Glad I have the older, great ones that I do!