Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Try On Reports Plus Flowabunga Hotty Hot Shorts, Split Singlets, and More

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank and Flowabunga Hotty Hot Shorts. 

I've been eyeing the SYB tank since they came out and decided to give it another try. I vaguely remember I didn't care for it enough to buy it last time it was out but I'm in the market for a black luxtreme tank to wear with all the print bottoms I've accumulated this year. I used to eschew black tops as being 'boring' but they come in handy with print bottoms. It's funny how your tastes change over time. I used to love print tops and plain black bottoms but I've gone the other way now. Anyway, I sized up because I remember the bra part fit a bit snug on these - the fit in most luxtreme tanks seems to run snug, I think -  and the fit was just right. The bottom part of the tank is light luxtreme which shows every lump, bump, and mole so if you are looking at this top and your tummy is a problem area then you might want to stick to black or size up. (I also tried on the Stuff Your Bra bra and found the bra band a bit loose so I would stay with my regular size in that one.) The tank gives me medium support, not good enough for running but fine for cardio on the elliptical at the gym. I like the open, cross-back strap configuration of this tank - it's the most comfortable for me - and the front does not dip too low which is nice for spin class.

I need to adjust myself a little better in this since the armpit is a bit low but otherwise the fit is good.
Stuff Your Bra Tank in Opal and Up Your Pace Crops

Stuff Your Bra bra and Up the Pace Crops.

Photos of the Still Shorty Short. Shown with the Split Singlet in the bottom photo. I've been curious to try these on since they showed up on the website. I was surprised that these shorts had the old fit of the Still pants with the baggy crotch. I was kind of hoping for the new fit of the Still II Pants that are snug through the hips and don't create a polterwang in your pants. The luon was also the scratchy yucky luon so I am wondering if lululemon cut the legs off old Still Pants and hemmed them to create the shorts. I would size down in these.

I tried on the Refresher Racer Tank in both the Black and White  and didn't love it. The cut is fine and I would say it fits TTS but the material in the black and white versions was scratchy. I personally like the deeper scoop of the CRB but if the right color comes out I might get one of these.

Flowabunga Dart and Dash shorts and Bleached Coral Split Singlet. I love my Dart and Dash shorts but didn't love this print in the short on me. I do have the Inspires in the print so that is enough Flowabunga for me.

Heathered Opal Power Y and Flowabunga Inspire Crops

 Split Singlet and Up Your Pace Crops.

Up Your Pace Crop. Shown with a Scoop Neck Swiftly LS on the bottom.

Yogi Cut Off Tee and Serenity Pant

The latest Yoga Overskirt. 


Anonymous said...

I tried on the split singlet. I have a relatively flat tummy area but larger chest (36D) and there just wasn't a way to make it flattering on me. Not the color, not going up or down a size...nothing. It looks like a maternity top and I felt puffed up yet naked at the same time. Quite a feat to make me look lumpy, heavy, naked and uncomfortable!! LOL Lulu!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that when I tried the refresh racer tank in white I thought the luon was so nice and soft. I loved how the bottom part of that tank fit and looked. The top part was ok on me. I ended up ordering gray one online. I wonder why you thought it was scrachy. I hope I still like it when it arrives. I've been buying a lot of stuff lately and then returning all of it.

jk said...

As someone who doesn't get to go to the store very often (it is an hour away from where I live), I really appreciate your store visit and try-on posts. Thank you for the helpful information!

Lots of Wee Wheezy plaid in the latest Britt's picks. I love my plaid speeds had high hopes for this new print, but the black trim kind of ruins it for me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:29 pm- it could be the case that yours were made from a different bolt of fabric than the ones I tried on so.

@ anon 3:48 pm - thanks, I'll take a look at the picks now.

Anonymous said...

I am dying of laughter over the polterwang comment. Thanks for the Friday laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Love it when u post pics of yr try ons! You look great in the stuff yr tank:) hope I got it!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU lulu for not making ANYTHING appealing right now. for a while everything was super spot on during spring but there is absolutely nothing i desire since the down pour of flower patterns. my wallet is totally thanking me :)