Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seamlessly Covered Tank, Alight Tank, and More

Seamlessly Covered Tank with the Plunge bra underneath.

Seamlessly Covered Tank and Seamlessly Street Crops

Shown with the Cadet Dart and Dash Short
Photos of the new Seamlessly Covered tank. I tried this on today and thought it was TTS, super soft and comfortable. The armpit area looked odd on me, probably because the weight of my chest pulled the top down too much so this tank is not for me unless I want to layer another bra under it.

Photos of the Tranquility Wrap SL.

Love this combo - Cool Breeze Alight Tank and Bruised Berry Seamlessly Street Crops

Alight Tank Photos.

Next to Nothing Tank and Alight Bra

Seamlessly Plunge Bra and Arise Bra

Inner Heart Bra, Alight Bra, Arise Bra, and Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Inner Heart Bra


Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Seamlessly Plunge Bra and new Print Wunder Unders

I tried on the new Alight, Arise, and Inner Heart Bras. The only bra that really worked for me (36DD)  without me spilling all over the place was the Inner Heart and I think I need to size up in that one. It has pretty good support for me.

Blissed Out Wrap and OK Hi Short

Blissed Out Wrap Photos

New Opal Vinyasa

Dune Festival Bag

A great backside in the Cadet Dart and Dash Shorts

Beach Breaker Bag

Cadet Runner Up SS - dying for a Runner Up tank in this color

Nice close up of the Seamlessly Street Crop


Jen said...

LLA - I love the inner heart bra. Bought one back in 2012 (porcelain) and ran a marathon in it that fall. Still rotate it between my energy and stuff your bras for runs. I found that I had to size my larger size (8), and I remember the ed telling me that I may want to go up to a 10, but the 8 was perfect (I typically go for a 6 in the CRB and in bra-tanks, but 8 in bras). It's such a great piece. Love that it dips slightly lower than the energy, but still good coverage.

Anonymous said...

just confirmed via online lululemon chat seamlessly plunge bra does NOT have inserts for cups.

Anonymous said...

Great set of pics LLA! I'm surprised to see a pink stuff yr bra for sea wheeze, but super happy. Thought they might stick more with the shorts colours. I'm travelling up from New Zealand for the race so am super excited to experience it all. LLA how early do u line up for the sea wheeze sale on the fri? Just got my first forme in the light grey. Been holding out since their conception until they tweeked the design faults out of them. Really love it!!! The fit, fabrics lovely and butter soft, fab neutral. I also got the stuff yr bra in white tones. Sized up from my usual 4 to a 6 since the sizing started in a 4. I'm sooooo over the bands being to tight after they messed with the energy bra. Glad I did. Fits well enough and not too tight:)

Anonymous said...

I bought both wraps ( Tranquitly and Blissed Out) today. The vest is darling and can be worn at least three different ways. This item is for street wear and will be worn with many of my lulu bottoms. I may have to purchase the white. I picked up the blissed out wrap for travel and as a great piece to put on for going out. I was thrilled with construction and fabric of both items. I am between a ten and twelve and went with ten on both items.

Sarah said...

Anon @ 0354 - how heavy/light is the blissed out wrap? I'm having a hard time telling with the pics I'm seeing - looks like the body is heavier than arms? Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm torn on the Alight tank. I love anything with an open back, but I'm not a huge fan of luxtreme in a top. I always feel like I'm wearing a bathing suit or something. I wish it had luon...

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:30 am - the wrap should be lightweight. The arms are cotton but the body is tencel.

Anonymous said...

Even with the summer coming up might have to grab the blissed out wrap, im sure whenever theres a drizzle or a slight shill ill be happy i did.
How pretty are these educators btw?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Alight bras/tanks look like bathing suits to me. Would feel weird wearing it to the gym. Tie around the neck looks uncomfortable and impractical. I don't get it, predicting they will make it to WMTM.

Also, not sure what they were thinking with those OK Hi shorts. My 8 year old daughter has shorts just like those; I think we got them at (not kidding) Costco.

Unknown said...

Decided not to return my Bruised Berry roll down WUCs because i love the color too much, fit is so perfect, and fabric is so yummy. They are ever so slightly sheer in a deep bend, but nothing I can't live with. I returned the Run A Marathon Crops & picked up the Bue Tropics WAFS CRB (which is awesome with Bruised Berry CRB) & Runner Up Tank in Aquamarine. I think the tank will be perfect for summer running with its super light fabric & loose fit.

Anonymous said...

I just picket up a Blissed Wrap, so soft and silky. I would call it medium weight. It will be great for travel. I sized down.

Unknown said...

Hi all,
I purchased the Blissed out wrap in the inkwell..It's yummy..super soft and definitely a bit more medium in weight..the arms are a cotton and the body is tencel lined on the inside with the same soft cotton that the arms are! I may have to get in the other 2 colors..I tend to be a 10 or 12 in some tops depending on the arms as some can be snug the 10 worked well in this wrap. I was told in the store the other night that this wrap can be worn reversed but I haven't tried that yet...

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Alight tops fit the same as last year's counterpart (Wandering Yogi). Does anyone know? Bought one last summer and it was ridiculously tight on my lats while allowing spillage out the top whenever I downward-dogged. For reference, I'm a bit buff in the chest/back area, but still. I wear a 36B and the size 6 was not cutting it.